Mini Shabu-Shabu

Pigged out Monday at HIgh Street with a couple of friends. We decided to try Mini Shabu Shabu (beside Charles and Keith) since the first time Ipe and I ate there, we weren’t really able to enjoy as most of the set meals were good for four and we just decided to whip up our own shabu-shabu. 

We had the assorted seafood set meal and added an extra plate of oysters which are an absolute weakness of mine.

Verdict? Yum! I gobbled up as much as the guys did – was planning on having half rice  only but it would be a waste not to finish an entire pot of steaming shabu shabu right? Shameful, but I did finish the pot of soup and a cup of rice. Not to mention a big serving of yoghurt with mangoes and almonds. Double yum. 

And there goes my diet again. 😦

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