Field Trip in Taguig

Since it looks like Taguig will be our home town for quite some time, Ipe and I agreed to explore its little known corners – after all, ask anyone what to see in Taguig and they will probably all tell you: The Fort?
Anyway, a good thing our friend Carli was able to take time off from his hectic sched to guide us through the city and see the lake (Laguna).
First stop – Napindan Channel, which was constructed during the latter part of the Marcos administration to prevent the Pasig River from flowing upstream and mixing its polluted saltwater with that of the Laguna Bay’s freshwater, especially during summer, when sea levels are higher than that of the lake.

Apart from this, the channel also serves as flood control, a sort of dam to make sure water is contained at the Laguna Bay.

One end of the Napindan is Taguig while the other is in Pasig, so it’s also an alternative route linking the two cities. Except that the Pasig part of the bridge is still rough road (maybe their government forgot that it was suppose to construct this road).
 Ferry boat station in the Pasig side of the river
Its quite amazing to see green fields in the city. Just last week, we saw a rice field just off  of a bustling main street. Now, we see so much greenery it’s a surprise we were still in Taguig.

view of The Fort from across water lily fields

We decided to climb up the dike and have a look at the lake itself and this is what we saw – shanties and lots and lots of fish pens. While I’m okay with these, I really wish the government or LLDA will clean up the side of the lake as it is quite chock full of garbage. I’d hate for the lake to turn into the Pasig River.
 This area is home to a couple of livelihood. Aside from fishermen living beside the lake on one side of the dike, water lily farmers live on the other side, near the city. Water lilies are harvested, dried and made into bags, boxes, and other native handicrafts. These are then sold at Market Market and other stores in Taguig.  Quite smart eh?
 farmer laying the water lilies to dry in the sun
I’ve heard that portion of the Laguna Lake will be reclaimed to make way for an airport. I just don’t know how long that will take. In any case, that would mean our house is between two airports. Haha. 
Taguig is a very small city; in fact, aside from the above, you only have The Fort to visit. So I guess our Taguig exploration is about done. 😛

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