Love Thine Eyes

Ok, so after a couple of months of being too lazy (short: avoiding tactic) to go to the opthalmologist, I was finally forced to do so today since I could not figure out why I can’t seem to find a decent pair of contacts that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Just so you know, I’ve switched four times in the last two months and I’m not exactly a fan of all that money wasted.
Sadly though, the doctor confirmed my suspicions – I can’t wear contacts anymore. My eyes are too heavily scarred already what with allergies and abrasions brought on by my extremely sensitive body and prolonged use of contacts. In any case, he was the 2nd doctor to have told me this so I should probably listen.

So now, I am stuck with glasses – goodbye to the D&G sunglasses Ipe and I have been eyeing. Also, I’m on a strictly allergen-free diet – no seafood, chicken, eggs, nuts, and – gasps! – chocolates. At least until my eyes heal their wounds (yes, my eyes have open wounds). 

Another point, I might need to undergo Lasik sooner than I was expecting. The first optha I went to told me I have to undergo this procedure if the grade difference between my eyes reach 200 (right now, it’s at 125) since not doing so might result in lazy eye (which I am afflicted with, but only very lightly) and/or cross-eyed. Which, I am sure none of us would want to be. But now, with my recent eye troubles, I might  undergo Lasik as soon as my eyes healed – a couple of weeks or months from now.

On the bright side, it gives me a reason to splurge on a new pair of glasses. My old ones from Cole Haan are so battered; it’s also the only pair that has lasted me more than two years so I guess it’s about time.

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