Makati, Makati, I Keep Coming Back to Makati

I missed Makati so much since I am now working in another city farther down south. So, the first time I went there since I started working again, I made sure to do the things I miss most – shop, eat, and coffee!

A good thing that my Starbucks/Pancake partner in crime joined me (I think we’re being psychic – she texted to invite me for dinner the same moment I was asking her on  FB! Hahaha).  After shopping at Glorietta (Tyler is on sale), we met up at GB5 and had dinner at Tapella.

Now, for the curious, Tapella is a Spanish resto at the end of GB1 offering various tapas and paellas (hence the name). It also has an al fresco bar which we have to try some other day.

We were so full from the two orders of Camembert with caramelized onions on fluted bread (which was a steal at Php 180 per order):
and the manchego cheese, chicken and asparagus paella (which comes at a pocket friendly price of Php 480):

I was also very happy that they serve freshly squeezed orange juice. See, I don’t drink orange juice EXCEPT if it’s freshly squeezed. 

Capped the night with Starbucks – which I haven’t tasted in almost a month since there isn’t any near my new office. Can you believe that? I was in severe withdrawal!

Cheers to more dinner get-togethers!

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