Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Been so behind lately – FB, blog, everything. Mainly because I’ve been up and about and I’ve been lazy lately. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past week:
First up – Visita Iglesia at Our Lady of Lourdes in Tagaytay and Caleruega.

 Our Lady of Lourdes
 Then lunch at RSM. My parents first introduced me to RSM a couple of years ago and I’ve loved it since then. It’s better than the other places nearby and while the food is a bit pricier, you get what you pay for. Their food is marvelous plus they have one of the best overlooking spots along the ridge.

From top left: mango carrot shake, fresh fruit platter, laing, grilled blue marlin, sinigang (we had both pork and fish), ginataang chicken adobo, liempo
For dinner, we stopped over at Mushroomburger (Note: their Katipunan branch is opening soon). Too bad, I seem to have forgotten to save our photos there. 😦

The next day, we had lunch at Sonya’s, another must for Ipe and myself. The salad is just too good to pass up. If only we had this in Manila, I’d swear off meat for good.
Feli’s famous jump shot complete with props and costume
After a very filling lunch, we headed to Bay, Laguna for another foodtrip, er, Good Friday procession. And then, we had the food trip. 😛

chapel at the ancestral house

Capped off the two-day excursion with a scrabble game over coffee/shake at Delifrance, SLEX. Which Ipe and I lost, by the way. Note to self: buy scrabble game and practice. Haven’t played it in more than ten years. Another note to self: stop picking all the high value letters. Hahaha.

I seriously hope this group’s next destination would be the beach. I’ve been hoarding swimsuits like there’s no tomorrow and I don’t want to wasted them.

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