Joey Shots

Joey loves the camera – even at only three years old, he demands that his picture be taken, and afterwards, inspects the photos, shouting gleefully, “Can I see, can I see?” And perfectionist that he is, he would gamely repeat/improve his poses. In fact, I’m the one who gets tired shooting. Hahaha.

My favorites over the weekend (labels for each photo are all by Joey – yes, believe it!)

 Pa-cute Joey

sad Joey

happy Joey

Caleruega Weekend

Ipe went on a retreat last weekend and rather than spend two days stuck in the house with three-hour brownouts, Joey and I decided to tag along. 
What I love about Caleruega is that it’s so quiet and so pretty – it’s literally being alone on top of the mountains, and the sheer beauty of your surroundings will inspire you to believe, that yes, there is a God. It is the perfect place to have a retreat…

…or a getaway from the madness of city living, as you can also rent a room there, complete with home-cooked meals.

path leading to one of the retreat venues/halls
rooms hewn from the side of the cliff overlooking the mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas

scenic views while having your picnic
one of the many wooden pathways and bridges overlooking koi ponds
Caleruega is also a popular wedding venue – it has the Chapel of Transfiguration, a small chapel built on top of a hill, with paths lined with flowers and trees and rustic lampposts. It’s big enough for a bride to have her walk to remember, but small enough to be intimate. I think it will only seat 100-150 at the maximum.

Now, I have always been fond of sunsets, and I can spend many hours or days just waiting for this view:

I almost didn’t want to leave after our peaceful weekend but sadly, Ipe and I had to go back to the frenetic life in Manila. But I’m looking forward to another stay here. 😛