What’s In Your Bag?

I’ve been having back pains for the last couple of months due to my scoliosis and several other back problems (I can’t remember the medical terms right now) which, are partly due to my prolonged use of high heels and lugging around laptops and heavy shoulder bags.
While I can’t really say no to high heels (otherwise, I would need to revamp my shoe closet and forty or so pairs isn’t that easy to build from scratch, especially when you’re on a budget), I’ve made it a point to wear slippers during commute and when just sitting in my cubicle at the office. 

Oh, and I ditched the laptop. My office laptop now is incredibly huge and heavy that its sheer weight prevents me from bringing it home. So, whenever I have take-home work, I just use my USBs or send it to my personal email. 

As for my bag, well, I think it used to weigh around four or five kilos. But necessity pushed me to reevaluate its contents and here are what’s in my bag now:

1. LV French Purse
2. Nokia E72 with USB cable
3. Kikay kit which contains: lip gloss, cheek stain, eyebrow powder and gel, gel eyeliner, lip/brow/eyeliner brushes all from Smashbox, Paul & Joe compact, comb, contact lenses, eye drops (I have really really dry eyes), hair gloss
4. mini-umbrella from Accessorize
5. breath mints
6. rosary
7. ipod shuffle

Here’s what I weeded out and why:
1. Digicam – I used to lug around my Nikon (just a point and shoot but it still weighs something), but with my 5MP phone, the digicam can take a backseat. Anyway, it’s easier to whip out your phone than your digicam.
2. Notebook and Pen – the E72 already has excel and word (even powerpoint) so there really is no need for pen and paper which I will just crumple anyway.
3. Pocketbooks – seriously, I don’t really get to read in the car so what’s the use of bringing books with me? In any case, I usually have an e-book saved in guess what? Yup, my phone. Haha, it also has an adobe reader.
4. Change of accessories for day and night – a metal bangle can add major pounds to your bag. 
5. Phone charger – again, E72 has made this possible since it’s USB cable can be plugged into any computer and be used as a charger.
6. Thumb drives – I used to carry as many as four of these. But, thanks to my favorite gadget and it’s 8GB memory, I can just save the files in my phone and bluetooth it to my laptop at home (or edit directly from the phone, haha).

My kikay kit also underwent a diet, since I found out it’s actually the heaviest item in my bag. I took out the bottle of foundation (really, you don’t need another layer during the day; the face powder is your touch up tool), three shades of lipstick (I’ve decided to stick to one during the day), one tube of gloss, and eyeshadow (which anyway, gives me rashes).

I’m also on the lookout for a lightweight bag. I’m thinking of something that will go with my wallet. Hubby has been nagging me to get a nice bag since he says, my bags look out of place when I’m strolling in Greenbelt. Believe me, he’s gotten much worse than I am! So yeah, probably on my next trip I’ll have something nice. 😛

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