Hotel Weekend: New World

Spent the weekend at the New World Hotel. Joey loves staying at hotels. But I’m glad he still prefers home – shortly before check out, he was already asking me to go home. 🙂
 Top: Joey at the hotel lobby in Guess jeans and Gingersnaps shirt; bottom: Joey at the elevator lobby of the executive lounge
The first thing Joey does in a new place is test the bed. We have a pretty nice mattress at home and big fluffy pillows so I guess he looks for the same whenever we sleep in a new place.
While New World isn’t at par with The Peninsula, it does have a nice view (at least compared to the room we stayed in the Pen):
 view of the San Lorenzo Village from our room

view from the elevator lobby: Greenbelt on the left side…
….and Makati Avenue on the left side.
I was expecting a lot more from the hotel since I usually stay in hotels from the same chain when I go on business trips (I’ve tried the Renaissance in Seoul and Ho Chi Minh and I liked both), but other than the buffet breakfast, I didn’t find anything spectacular about it. The hallways smell old and the rooms are a little too ordinary – the towels are even threadbare! 
I also find their service rather slow – particularly at check-in/out. And I have a separate incident checking in for someone from the office and it was a customer service nightmare – even up to now it is unresolved.
But their bath robes and slippers are super soft and the staff are very friendly and helpful.  Plus, it’s right across from Greenbelt 3 so if your looking to shop til you drop, then this place is perfect. 🙂

If rate are equal, I probably won’t be staying again at this hotel if I am in the same area. But, New World, I think, is the cheapest hotel in the Makati CBD so I guess that’s why it’s a favorite of business travelers who are scrimping on hotel charges.

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