Purity: Keeping It Simple

I’ve been wanting to tell you about this cute little beauty product but I decided to test-drive it for two months before letting you in on the secret. After all, I might create hype and then the product might not turn out to be as good as I let on. 🙂

Good news is, it passed the two-month mark. I found this gem of a cleanser while I was out on a make-up shopping spree at my favorite haunts – Beauty Bar at Trinoma.  Aptly called Purity Made Simple, this one-step cleanser from Philosophy cleans and removes dirt AND makeup in just one go.

I initially feared that it would make me break-out; I have very sensitive skin which tends to erupt in huge cystic pimples when I wash with something other than my unscented Dove or Aveeno bars. But thankfully, this world-wide bestseller surpassed even my tried and tested bars. It even has a mix of twelve essential oils that softens and rejuvenates skin.

It’s a bit pricey at over Php1,200 but you get three products in one: a PH-balanced cleanser, make-up remover and toner. So now I get to ditch my old toner and bar and save time on separate washing and toning every day. Available at all Beauty Bar outlets. Or, ask your balikbayan relative or friend to get one for you as it is only half the price abroad. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Purity: Keeping It Simple

  1. anna, you won't believe how crazy my sched is nowadays. i get to the ofc at 7:30 and go home 9 or 10pm. no breaks in between, plus internet isn't really allowed. 😦


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