My First Ever Official Office Event

So there. Officially a member of the workforce again and within two months, I am already in the thick of activities (though, natch, I was “chosen” for this task; I didn’t really volunteer). Too bad the theme was Filipiniana. I was hoping for something along the lines of Hollywood or Victorian. Hahaha.
* my baro’t saya bought in Divi for Php 500!
Played usherette to some of our VIPs at the office. Couldn’t take much photos because the event was held out in the open field – yes, in sweltering heat! It’s a miracle I didn’t collapse. You all know how heat-intolerant I am.Ā 
We had some native dance performance complete with music:
And the food was so vibrant and colorful! And it tasted just as well. I wanted to binge on the meringue spied on the dessert spread but was to shy to hoard an entire plate so I contented myself with one piece. Sigh. šŸ˜¦ Note to self: eat what you want when at a buffet party.
Here’s my new cluster (minus two, who had gone in hiding at the cooler parts of the compound), who all fondly call me mama:

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