Home Scents

A couple of days ago, Ipe got this ceramic and brass oil burner with cut-outs from the Body Shop. I had long been using a cheaper version from SM Department store and I figured it’s about time I change it.

To be honest, I’m allergic to perfumes – or any strong smell for that matter. I can’t even wear baby cologne without having a sneezing fit or dizziness spell, leading me to think I have hyperosmia.  But if there’s one fragrance my olfactory senses allow, that would be fresh nature scents (and coffee and chocolate). I can inhale sampaguitas and ylang ylang and freshly cut grass for end. So, knowing I can’t wear perfume, I settled for scented oils at home.
I used to like jasmine when I was still at my parents’ house. I remember pouring half the little vial onto our small water fountain and letting the light fragrance sweep the room. Unfortunately, I can’t find the same jasmine scent in all the stores I have gone to in recent times. 
Anyway, the oil burner came with green tea oil and a reed diffuser and moroccan rose scent. The green tea started off nicely – reminding me of, well, tea. But, the longer I burned it, the scent became heavier and heady, until I felt the familiar dizziness spell coming over me. Test over. Green tea – failed.

 So, I set to trying the reed diffuser next – after all, it was Moroccan rose and I have always been able to tolerate rose scents. In fact, it’s my favorite scent (jasmine only comes in second; sampaguita would come in third). What could go wrong, right?

Well, nothing did. But, the problem was, I could barely smell it, even with my heightened sense of smell.  I could barely tell it was there. And the fragrance was slightly citrusy for my taste. So I would have to give this one a failing mark as well.
Which leaves me with my faithful rosewater scent from Crabtree and Evelyn – my all time favorite. In fact, I have the spray, oil and glycerin soap so I can spritz away anytime I want.  What I love about this fragrance is that it smells exactly how the roses at my mama’s garden used to smell – only more pronounced, but not overpowering, leaving you wanting more.
I also like Crabtree’s Wakaya Potpourri – a mix of orange blossoms, tiare flower, and driftwood. Reminds me of being in a fairy tale garden in the middle of a forest. Too bad it’s a seasonal product and I have yet to find it again in their stores here. If not, I’ll have to settle for buying it online.

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