The Last Days of Summer

Spent the last weekend of summer lounging around the condo with hubby and the kid. We couldn’t squeeze in a trip to the beach and horror of horrors, because of my crazy work schedule, I actually FORGOT that I have tickets to go to Singapore last week to go shopping (I remembered thinking I need to rebook it a month ago, but I only realized I should have rebooked it two days after my supposed flight). There goes my 10k (it wasn’t sale fare; I am actually not a fan of those).
So instead, went swimming at our condo’s pool:

on me: bikini top (part of set), Risque Swimwear; board shorts, Roxy
Cooked chicken tinola for lunch and for dinner, prepared pizza and strawberry smoothie, grabbed a blanket and headed outdoors for a picnic under the stars (and the occasional plane):
It was a simple event but given that since our yaya left more than a month ago, we only get to see Joey on weekends and it made the outing more special. 
I am still not giving up on the beach. But I need to fix my six-day work week first.

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