Movie Review: Sex and the City 2

“I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman…”
As promised, SATC2 brings back together the fearless foursome of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, two years after the first film. Here, Carrie is settling down into married life, Miranda is at a career crossroads of sorts, Charlotte is overwhelmed with her two kids and a sexy nanny, and Samantha is… well, still Samantha. Whereas the first movie focused on Carrie’s love life, the sequel focuses more on the relationship among the four women.

Critics have panned this movie because of its flimsy storyline, or lack thereof, but one must remember, an SATC movie is essentially a visual feast for the fashionista – and it does not pretend to be more than that. I don’t recall seeing any posters bragging about its creativity and its script. In every poster or photo release from the set, it shows us the girls in the hottest clothes of the season.

Fun and fashion – this is the inseparable main draw of this film. Its like a tapestry of witty lines and remarkable scenes: Liza Minelli performing Beyonce’s Single Ladies at a gay wedding, the gay wedding itself, the hotel in Abu Dhabi, the lunch in the middle of the desert, even Miley Cyrus showing up to a movie premiere in the same dress as Samantha… in fact, all scenes are memorable for its sheer beauty, at least from a girl/woman’s point of view.

It manages subtle and not so subtle subplots on the hypocrisy surrounding Abu Dhabi’s being an open city yet not open to the Western culture, gay marriages, menopause, chauvinistic bosses, and even motherhood and old couple conundrums. It might not have delved deeper into any subplot, barely scratching the surface, but it raised a lot of points, further solidifying a woman’s identification with the four lead characters.

The movie is a bit long at two and forty minutes but you can just feast your eyes on the fashion. Or, go in fashion to the cinemas – I saw a lot of movie goers dressed to the nines, some even wearing sequined dresses to the last full show at Greenbelt last week. It will make the experience all the merrier. AND bring your girlfriends! 🙂

Fashion I love:

I have a thing for newsprint – I own a dress myself, all though of course, I cannot afford Dior. And I am loving the multicolored turban. Hmm… you think the metro will not find it weird if I show up in the streets wearing one?

* All photos from Google images

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