Black Thursday

Woke up rather early so decided to wear a dress today (on the other hand, I always wear a dress). Black, to match my somber mood. Hahaha. 😛
dress, Tyler; heels, Charles and Keith; necklace, Accessorize;
Tyler has been my go-to store for office wear – the cut is really great, as in it gives you shape. A Tyler dress may look limp on the racks but when you wear it, magic happens. And the size never fails – it always fits as if tailor made.  The designs are good too; in  fact, I have yet to buy a piece where I don’t get complimented. Plus, they only make a few of each design so the chances are very slim that you’d run into someone wearing the same thing (that’s the worst nightmare for a budding fashionista, no?)
My only gripe though, is that they don’t make printed dresses. Oh well, I should probably explore Kate Torralba and Azucar more.

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