Life’s a bitch. Sometimes you can’t decide which side to choose or which road to take. 
Like having chocolate (geez, imagine getting two bars a foot long of yummy Swiss chocolate – I still think Swiss is better than Belgian chocolate, but that’s just me) or yummy yogurt for dessert :
If only life were that simple though. Reality is much, much more complex. It’s more unpredictable and the repercussions are not as obvious as say, getting pimples for eating too much chocolate or having a bum stomach.
By the way, you peeps should try green tea yogurt at Red Mango (shown on the top photo). Ipe and I went to MOA to have my yogurt fill (he was indulging me that day) but they ran out so we had to settle for the green tea – but it tasted just the same. Had my favorite toppings of kiwi, mangoes, and almonds. I was a yogurt fanatic before Red Mango became a hit, but I became a yogurt addict when it did.

Beauty Tidbits: My Latest Facial Product Obsession

Since entering my late twenties, I have become obsessed with keeping my skin as young-looking as I can manage without resorting to drastic measures. I’ve started drinking water (not that I didn’t but let’s just say, my consumption then was not admirable), I’ve started faithfully washing my face before I sleep no matter how tired I am, and using toners and moisturizers.
While I have been loyal to clean and clear’s toner for the last ten years, I’ve been switching moisturizers every now and then. I started with Pond’s but it made my skin break out; tried Clean and Clear and stayed with it for four years until Olay got introduced to the Philippine market and I switched just like that.
And it worked for me – I never got as many compliments as I did after I started with Olay. But as fickle minded as the next woman out there, I was tempted to try L’Oreal’s Therma Genesis, which made me regret the next two months as I was hounded by flaky skin, breakouts and itchiness.
So, I switched back to Olay – this time, upgrading to the Regenerist line for my day cream. I have been using it for over six months and I am very happy with it – the compliments are starting to pour again and even my mama (who’s even more fickle minded by the way) was impressed.

What I appreciate though is that it’s non-greasy and doesn’t make my face look like it’s been caked in something (which means, I am not a fan of pearl creams or chin chun su). Once I put it on, I can forget about it – no one ever notices it, except that my skin is brighter and my face powder doesn’t cake or shine too much.

Another product I am swearing it on is Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Repairing Serum. I actually saw this in one of my magazines and since my mama has just asked me to buy her an anti-aging oisturizer, I decided to get one for myself.

That was almost half a year ago – I didn’t want to post it here without seeing any results yet but I am pleased to say that laugh lines  and crow’s feet are less pronounced. Even my forehead looks smoother. The only downside is it smells a bit oily, but then, that’s what it is – a mixture of pomegranate , borage and primrose oils, which I read are good anti-oxidants and helps the skin retain collagen. Which explains perfectly why my skin also feels more supple.

I can’t honestly say exactly which has made this miracle – my grooming habits, my moisturizer, my facial wash/toner, or this serum – but they all seem to work well together that I am sticking to them for years to come (keeping my fingers crossed).

* Olay is available at everywhere but Burt’s Bees products are sold at Beauty Bars.


Found some old photos at my lola’s place a few months back; since I couldn’t sneak them out, I decided to just take photos of them using my old cellphone. One of these days, I’ll ask my lola if I can take them to a photo studio to get them restored.
Me, with my papa, mama, and my lola. Don’t know where this was taken as it wasn’t at any of the houses I know:
At around three or four, with papa, and with my cousin Grail:
Back when all we had was each other to play with:
Notice how even then, I had hair problems. Hahaha. And Ate Grail had always been the polished and perfectly groomed one.
With my baby sister Joan t my lola’s house, around 1989 (coz I remember having that shirt when I was in 2nd grade):
Ate Grail and our second cousin Tonton, with Bochok, my tita’s huge bear which she brought home all the way from Japan. Cousins, do you still remember him? Where is he?
Of course, this being my lola’s baul, I found some photos of my mama at their backyard:
And our great-grandmother Lola Dada (Consolacion is her real name).  She used to live with us at my parents’ house (mama was her favorite grandchild) until she moved back with Lola Lita. She died in the 1990s at 87:
My lola, at around 40. I can’t find her other photo, when she was very young and used to be part of Sampaguita’s budding actresses in the 50’s.
Left: my mama and her youngest brother. Right: My grandparents.
I remember having made a family tree all the way up to the early 20th century with my lola’s help but can’t recall where it is now. I’ll just make one and put it here. 🙂

The World According to Joey

Joey has a knack for giving thought-provoking one liners so I figured I’d dedicate an entry for his quotes which I’ll update every time a new one comes up. 🙂
Joey when he senses that you’re hiding something from him or won’t answer his questions: You know but you don’t know but you know!!!
Siesta time…
Me: Joey, let’s go to sleep.
Joey: Mom, is it night time?
Me: No
Joey: Do we sleep at night time?
Me: Yes.
Joey: But it’s not night time, see?

Joey: Daddy, what’s that you’re drinking?
Daddy: Milk (holding up the carton of fresh milk)
Joey: But it’s mommy milk (he calls it that because that’s what I call it to distinguish between his formula).
Daddy: No, it’s also daddy milk.
Joey: But look. It has a picture of the mommy on the side. See? (Pointing to a woman drinking milk at the side of the carton)
Daddy: (speechless, can’t argue with the picture)
Daddy, hiding a big bar of chocolate in the fridge, Joey sneaking up behind him.
Joey: Dad, what’s that?
Daddy: It’s nothing.
Joey: Is that food?
Daddy: Yes, it’s a special food for daddy.
Joey: Is the special food a chocolate?
Me: Joey, go to sleep. No dede for you.
Joey (quiet for five minutes): Mom, am I a baby?
Me: Yes.
Joey: Do babies like milk?
Me: Yes.
Joey: Can I have my dede?
Me (gives up and prepares his milk)
At the hospital last year where he was confined for a week.
Me: Joey, you’re so kulit and I don’t like you anymore.
Joey (looks at me with big puppy eyes): Mom, are you disappointed?
Me: (speechless, thinking how could Joey know that word – remember that Joey was only 2 years and 6 months old at this time).

On Dresses

A lot of people ask me why I always wear dresses or skirts. And even a lot more, have probably come to the conclusion that I do because I’m the girly-girly type – you know, the antithesis of the cowgirl. 

But you see, I’m not.

The actual reason I wear skirts and dresses is because I am a cowgirl at heart. And there are a lot of advantages the dress has over pants:
a) It’s easier to maintain – Think about it: dresses don’t get dirty hems, don’t drag, and when it rains, you don’t have to worry too much about splashes of mud on your legs. And if your legs do get wet, you only have to wash your own skin. Unlike with pants, you’ll have to drag that dripping wet piece of clothing around you until it dries up, by which time, you’ll then have to worry about the mud splatter.
b) It commands attention and respect – This one might not be in keeping with the cowgirl archetype, but wearing skirts gives you a certain power over other people, particularly men. It makes you look more put together, more composed and confident. Just think, how many powerful women have you seen photographed wearing pantsuits? Next to zero. But you see them everywhere in structured tops and skirts and fashionable dresses.
c) It sets you apart – In a sea of pants-wearing people, what better way to be noticed than to show a bit of leg? And look good while doing it. Plus point is, you instantly get branded a fashionista just by wearing flirty dresses.
d) It’s more comfortable – sounds weird, but it does. Your legs are not restricted, you don’t have to worry about seams tearing apart and you can hike up your legs under your desk when you feel like it.
e) It makes you feel pretty – now this last one will depend largely on your mindset. But generally, this holds true. 
Of course the pants has its own plus points – you can repeat wearing them without anyone noticing and you don’t have to shave as often. And while I am a dress girl – I probably own close to a hundred now while I have only three pairs of jeans and a couple of slacks, I wouldn’t mind wearing the pants every now and then.The trick is knowing when, where and how each will work for you.

Looking on the Bright Side

The entire family unit is down for the day – Ipe with gout, and Joey and myself with colds. Natch, I’m also doing nurse duty for all three of us.
What I love though is that we’re all stuck in the house at the same time so it’s like getting an extra day-off from work. At the end of the day, our family still stays together, albeit in sickness.   

I Love Weddings

Who doesn’t? You get to witness two people bind themselves together in love being the most important reason, weddings are also the perfect place to meet old friends and play dress up. 🙂
For our friend Leah’s wedding, Joey was picked to be the coin bearer, but unfortunately, he ripped the barong while we were fitting it so we had to make an emergency purchase the day before the wedding.
Nice discovery is Market Market’s fitting room. The kids’ one is painted to look like trains, houses, parks, and Joey like the fire station one so we settled for that one. Plus the rooms are so big – the three of us fit inside without bumping. And that’s a feat. Haha.
Spent half a day watching our own wedding video, trying to coach Joey on how to walk down the aisle – it’s his first time to attend a wedding and he’s part of the entourage so I was doubly worried he’d mess up. And he almost did; good thing he changed his mind at the last minute and gamely walked.
The newlyweds with the kids (see Joey, being carried by no less than the bride, hehe, that little brat):
After the ceremony, we all headed to the Glass Garden. Nice place and fully air-conditioned. 😛 A very good thing it was a covered place since it rained very hard during the reception. Imagine if we were out in the open – that would have been a bride’s nightmare. As it is, we enjoyed catching up with old Varsi friends which we continued with coffee after at High Street. 😛
top: Varsitarian friends; Ipe and me; V-friends Paul and Lyn; with my bff, Noreen