Being Busy

Wow, has it really been almost a month since I last posted here? I have let several milestones pass – my blog’s first year (yey!), my first month-end closing at my new work, and my 29th birthday (gulp & yey at that).
Well, to be honest, I’ve been really really busy. I haven’t even seen my manicurist in over a month. I’ve resorted to having DIY nails – and you peeps know me well enough to know I was never good at this so just imagine how bad my nails are right now.
I need a day at the salon. My hair is spiking up – sometimes, I think my comb just gives up. Oh wait – it did. I actually broke some tooth off my comb. Geez, wonder what the hairstylist at the salon will say when he sees me next? To be fair, I tried having my hair curled a few weeks back but I was turned away because my hair just got rebonded less than six months ago. Oh well.
I need a new pair of shoes and a dress if I can manage it. The last pair I bought is over a month old. And the last dress I bought? Hmm. Can’t even remember. And that is bad!!! Right?
At least being busy has spared me some moolah. My new office is located in a far-flung region where the nearest mall doesn’t have a Starbucks (yes, there is such a mall) and my shift ensures that I don’t have time in the morning to shop, and the malls would be closed when I leave the office. Weekends, I am just too zonked out to go out. It’s a wonder I even managed to watch Toy Story with Joey and Ipe last weekend, although it was three weeks delayed.
So, my goal this July is to take it a bit slow. Hopefully, not too much OT. Tomorrow, I’m hitting the spa and the mall after. And blog after. Weee! 😛

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