I Love Weddings

Who doesn’t? You get to witness two people bind themselves together in love being the most important reason, weddings are also the perfect place to meet old friends and play dress up. 🙂
For our friend Leah’s wedding, Joey was picked to be the coin bearer, but unfortunately, he ripped the barong while we were fitting it so we had to make an emergency purchase the day before the wedding.
Nice discovery is Market Market’s fitting room. The kids’ one is painted to look like trains, houses, parks, and Joey like the fire station one so we settled for that one. Plus the rooms are so big – the three of us fit inside without bumping. And that’s a feat. Haha.
Spent half a day watching our own wedding video, trying to coach Joey on how to walk down the aisle – it’s his first time to attend a wedding and he’s part of the entourage so I was doubly worried he’d mess up. And he almost did; good thing he changed his mind at the last minute and gamely walked.
The newlyweds with the kids (see Joey, being carried by no less than the bride, hehe, that little brat):
After the ceremony, we all headed to the Glass Garden. Nice place and fully air-conditioned. 😛 A very good thing it was a covered place since it rained very hard during the reception. Imagine if we were out in the open – that would have been a bride’s nightmare. As it is, we enjoyed catching up with old Varsi friends which we continued with coffee after at High Street. 😛
top: Varsitarian friends; Ipe and me; V-friends Paul and Lyn; with my bff, Noreen

Old World

I am a sucker for anything antique or ancient looking.
Right now, I am so loving this:
Got the gray/mauve beaded purse and the cocktail ring from my go-to accessories store – Accessorize. They’re having a sale now, by the way. Got the bag at half the price. The ring, though, is another story. Do you know it actually costs more than the bag? 😛 Ipe actually tried to stop me from buying it. Haha.

These two dearies formed part of my outfit to our good friend Leah’s wedding yesterday.