The World According to Joey

Joey has a knack for giving thought-provoking one liners so I figured I’d dedicate an entry for his quotes which I’ll update every time a new one comes up. 🙂
Joey when he senses that you’re hiding something from him or won’t answer his questions: You know but you don’t know but you know!!!
Siesta time…
Me: Joey, let’s go to sleep.
Joey: Mom, is it night time?
Me: No
Joey: Do we sleep at night time?
Me: Yes.
Joey: But it’s not night time, see?

Joey: Daddy, what’s that you’re drinking?
Daddy: Milk (holding up the carton of fresh milk)
Joey: But it’s mommy milk (he calls it that because that’s what I call it to distinguish between his formula).
Daddy: No, it’s also daddy milk.
Joey: But look. It has a picture of the mommy on the side. See? (Pointing to a woman drinking milk at the side of the carton)
Daddy: (speechless, can’t argue with the picture)
Daddy, hiding a big bar of chocolate in the fridge, Joey sneaking up behind him.
Joey: Dad, what’s that?
Daddy: It’s nothing.
Joey: Is that food?
Daddy: Yes, it’s a special food for daddy.
Joey: Is the special food a chocolate?
Me: Joey, go to sleep. No dede for you.
Joey (quiet for five minutes): Mom, am I a baby?
Me: Yes.
Joey: Do babies like milk?
Me: Yes.
Joey: Can I have my dede?
Me (gives up and prepares his milk)
At the hospital last year where he was confined for a week.
Me: Joey, you’re so kulit and I don’t like you anymore.
Joey (looks at me with big puppy eyes): Mom, are you disappointed?
Me: (speechless, thinking how could Joey know that word – remember that Joey was only 2 years and 6 months old at this time).

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