Found some old photos at my lola’s place a few months back; since I couldn’t sneak them out, I decided to just take photos of them using my old cellphone. One of these days, I’ll ask my lola if I can take them to a photo studio to get them restored.
Me, with my papa, mama, and my lola. Don’t know where this was taken as it wasn’t at any of the houses I know:
At around three or four, with papa, and with my cousin Grail:
Back when all we had was each other to play with:
Notice how even then, I had hair problems. Hahaha. And Ate Grail had always been the polished and perfectly groomed one.
With my baby sister Joan t my lola’s house, around 1989 (coz I remember having that shirt when I was in 2nd grade):
Ate Grail and our second cousin Tonton, with Bochok, my tita’s huge bear which she brought home all the way from Japan. Cousins, do you still remember him? Where is he?
Of course, this being my lola’s baul, I found some photos of my mama at their backyard:
And our great-grandmother Lola Dada (Consolacion is her real name).  She used to live with us at my parents’ house (mama was her favorite grandchild) until she moved back with Lola Lita. She died in the 1990s at 87:
My lola, at around 40. I can’t find her other photo, when she was very young and used to be part of Sampaguita’s budding actresses in the 50’s.
Left: my mama and her youngest brother. Right: My grandparents.
I remember having made a family tree all the way up to the early 20th century with my lola’s help but can’t recall where it is now. I’ll just make one and put it here. 🙂

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