Life’s a bitch. Sometimes you can’t decide which side to choose or which road to take. 
Like having chocolate (geez, imagine getting two bars a foot long of yummy Swiss chocolate – I still think Swiss is better than Belgian chocolate, but that’s just me) or yummy yogurt for dessert :
If only life were that simple though. Reality is much, much more complex. It’s more unpredictable and the repercussions are not as obvious as say, getting pimples for eating too much chocolate or having a bum stomach.
By the way, you peeps should try green tea yogurt at Red Mango (shown on the top photo). Ipe and I went to MOA to have my yogurt fill (he was indulging me that day) but they ran out so we had to settle for the green tea – but it tasted just the same. Had my favorite toppings of kiwi, mangoes, and almonds. I was a yogurt fanatic before Red Mango became a hit, but I became a yogurt addict when it did.

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