my bottomless Jasmine iced tea
Pigging out on Saturdays is becoming a regular thing and with good food, good company and my favorite Starbucks drink later, I must say, I like! 😛

We were supposed to hit Mamou at Serendra last night but as all our outings are spontaneous, none of us made reservations and we ended up next door at Zao.
And as this night, there were five of us instead of the usual four suspects (three guys and moi), we ordered a feast, authentic Vietnamese food being one my absolute favorites. 

crispy spring rolls
One of my friends and I both love spring rolls and we couldn’t decide if one order would be good enough for the two of us so we ordered two to be on the safe side. Turned out to be a good decision because the rolls were a hit.

Next is the pomelo salad. Honestly, I don’t like the fruit, but since I tried pomelo salad at another resto, I’ve been hooked. I still don’t eat it by itself, though.I like this version with the onions and vinegar – makes the pomelo the star as it offers you a sweet alternative to the tangy and sour taste of the sauce.

As for the main course:
Zao bowl

chicken rice
lemongrass chicken
Saigon fried rice
We all wanted soup which is why we ordered the Zao bowl, but realized too late that it wasn’t soup at all; so to appease our friend, we agreed to get the Zao Pho to end our meal, which was big enough to feed four guys and a girl.
The price was not so bad – our tab came at around Php 2,600. The bestsellers of the night were the spring rolls and the lemongrass chicken.  However, while the food was okay, I must say it doesn’t come anywhere near authentic. Three of us in the table have all been to Vietnam and we all agree that Zao’s offerings don’t come anywhere near the taste of  the local food in Ho Chi Minh. So I was mildly disappointed. Still, if you’re just after good food, I won’t mind dining here again.

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