Perfect Weekend

Weekend relaxation has become few and far between for me, what with work interfering almost 90% of the time that when my boss told me to go on leave, I knew I had to grab it. 
Friday was spa day for me – got to explore the spa at our condo and try their peppermint foot spa. It was good and my feet felt cool for hours after – even after the four-hour videoke with my team (well, the other half of my team, since I now have an extended team at the office). The videoke almost didn’t push through since I forgot to make reservations earlier and only remembered it three hours before the event. Good thing, Platinum at Polaris isn’t as popular as it used to be and I ended up getting the room for twenty, fifteen minutes before our meeting time. 😛
Platinum is actually my choice of videoke, if money weren’t such a big factor – they have better songs, better acoustics, bigger rooms, and well, better service. Except that it’s about a third more expensive than the nearby Music 21, since you pay an hourly room rate and must order a certain amount of food and drinks, unlike the latter where you can get a package for ten with food and drinks for only Php 3,000!
Anyway, was a bit disappointed though, as some of the songs I used to sing there are gone – must be of copyright infringement. Even the music videos featuring supermodels are gone (no more Heidi Klum-pre baby). 
Still, good company more than made up for my missing repertoire. 😛
Saturday was family day. Ipe and I decided to take the little kiddo to Avilon Zoo – it’s one of the most convenient hang outs for us as it’s less than 15 minutes away. Plus, it’s a covered zoo, and not too crowded so it gets additional points for us. It’s quite small too, so you can go back and forth your favorite animals without getting blisters – they have tigers (including a white one), bear, gibbons, lots of birds, fish, snakes, goat, sheep, rabbits, fish, tortoise, turtles, eagle owls, donkeys, horses, puma, lion… I even summoned enough nerve to carry a snake around my shoulders. It big, heavy and slippery!!!
Joey and I enjoyed feeding the carps, tortoise and the rabbits, but I think his favorite are the rabbits – we bought carrots (the zoo sells  fresh veggies and other animal feed for a minimal amount) and he gets into this box while the rabbits gather round him. It’s cute and Joey kept saying, “Mom, look! I’m a farmer!”
Later, went to the waxing station to have my eyebrows done (it’s one of those things I have learned to “outsource” since I can never get the hang of it) Ipe and I met up with his highschool barkada for a super late dinner at Kirin, and what do you know, another videoke sesh, this time at Music 21. Feasted on chili chicken, hakao, and steamed fish. Seriously, the chili chicken felt more like chili with a bit of chicken – we had to dig through the red chili before finding the chicken bits. 
Sunday was spent lounging around the house with the little boy – reading a new book bought the previous day at Fully Booked, and watching Cars for the nth time. 
Now, if only all weekends could be like this. But that’s wishful thinking. Oh well.

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