Daily Fashion: Butterflies

Butterfly racer-back tee, Forever21; shorts and blazer, Maldita;bracelet with dangling leaves and ring, Accessorize; wedges, CMG;
Off to my usual weekend hangout with the boys. Was actually just lounging at home when hubby and the rest of the crew arrived and dragged me (okay, so I cam willingly) to pig out as usual so I just threw on the blazer and wedges to make me look presentable. 😛

Korean Goodies

I love this chocolate hazelnut waferstick – I remember hoarding them when I was in Korea, and gorging on them when my former tax manager sent this balikbayan box full of Korean snacks to me.
Well, the good news is that you can now buy this at the Asian section of the Market Market grocery! Yup, and at just Php 100+ for a box of six! Yay!

Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

I’ve been wanting to visit this place since I heard of it decades ago but my parents aren’t big fans of going out of their comfort zones, and hubby isn’t big on nature, but one boring weekend with nothing to do, I was finally able to convince hubby to drive us to the park.

Started in the 70’s under the name Philippine Parks and Wildlife, it was renamed to its present title during the Cory administration. Yes – it has been around that long but you rarely hear of it. I myself only knew it because I always pass it going to UST back in college. (it’s located along the Quezon Memorial Circle). It was recently the location of a cover shoot for a magazine with Andi Eigenmann, and admittedly, it was that incident which pushed this park to the forefront of my consciousness (the pictures were kinda nice and I was curious that such a place existed in the city).

I was in for a bit of disappointment though. While the park may have been quite nice in its heyday, now, it’s a mess of rundown buildings, strewn with garbage and graffiti. There’s a mini aviary but there were only a handful of breeds inside and you could barely see as the trees and hedges are overgrown.

There is a viewing deck near the lagoon which would have been a nice picnic spot but it has since been closed to the public, probably due to safety reasons.

I did find this scenic spot which sort of reminds me of the Hundred Acre Woods from Winnie the Pooh. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the concrete fence overlooking the lagoon.
I wish this park would be renovated and brought to its former glory now that the son of the man it was named after is our president. There are cottages dotting the banks of the lagoon and with just a bit of sprucing up, these can be rented out to tourists looking for a bit of respite. You can even go fishing and boating!
There’s also a pavilion at one end of the lagoon, supposedly a venue for mini-conferences and gatherings, a bridge leading out halfway into the lagoon itself. I was thinking: if this park was just maintained well, this spot would have been a perfect wedding reception venue.
So yeah, calling on PNoy – please have someone look into this. It’s a lovely place in dire need of attention.


I haven’t been blogging lately – first, I have become so busy, and second, I am basically bound, gagged and unable to speak out. 
Ask anyone who knows me and the words “stubborn” strong-willed” and matigas ulo will inevitably crop up. And they know I don’t hold back – I always say what I want to say when it comes to my affairs, though I know how to say it with tact. Mix the two and you get the picture: one of these days I will just explode.
To bottle everything inside is so not me. It really isn’t.

Green Mangoes: I Like!

I am not a huge fan of green mangoes. I can eat a kilo or two of ripe mangoes in one sitting but not the green ones. Even when I was pregnant, I never ate them. The only time I can tolerate sour, green mangoes is when they are mixed in with tomatoes and onions and I’m eating fried fish.
Fast forward to forever, and I am still not a fan – however, I recently discovered a way to make eating them enjoyable.
Pickled and bottled and sour-sweet, and perfect! It was so good I ate the entire bottle in one sitting. Now, I know mangoes have been pickled for ages but this one is the best I’ve come so far. It tastes so much like the pickled mangoes my papa makes when they still grew mangoes by the truckloads in the province.
Now, can anyone tell me where I can find this brand? 😛

With the Girls

I have yet to go out and have dinner with any of my office mates outside the confines of our office (well, my original team and I had a videoke sesh a few weeks back) so, last night, three of us girls braved the storm and pigged out at UCC at The Fort:
Japanese Chicken Curry
Chili Garlic Seafood Pasta
Seafood Risotto
Food was a little bland for my taste so I sprinkled my plate with a healthy dose of pepper and salt. And voila! Perfect! 😛
Of course, it won’t be pigging out if we didn’t order dessert so Bretty and I each had parfait:
Too bad our conversation on novels and TV series made Ree sleepy and we packed up early without having the coffee treat from Bretts (meaning, you owe us!!!). Hahaha. 
But my night didn’t end there – as I was unusually so stressed and depressed, plus, physically sick, I ended up joining my weekend gang at Agave where I had margaritas to cap off my night:
Now, if only every day could be like this.

Daily Fashion: Another Casual Friday

top, Forever21; jeans, BYUK, Adora; sandals, Charles and Keith
I super love this top – it’s comfy: loose cotton, it’s a bit scraggly (just the way I like) and has a big smiley to brighten up my day. Oh, and the price is just insane – it’s just around Php 600. I didn’t know you can still get nice t-shirts at that price. 
And this pair of jeans is my absolute favorite. I keep getting compliments when I wear them because the fit is perfect – hugs your curves without showing the unwanted love handles.