Green Mangoes: I Like!

I am not a huge fan of green mangoes. I can eat a kilo or two of ripe mangoes in one sitting but not the green ones. Even when I was pregnant, I never ate them. The only time I can tolerate sour, green mangoes is when they are mixed in with tomatoes and onions and I’m eating fried fish.
Fast forward to forever, and I am still not a fan – however, I recently discovered a way to make eating them enjoyable.
Pickled and bottled and sour-sweet, and perfect! It was so good I ate the entire bottle in one sitting. Now, I know mangoes have been pickled for ages but this one is the best I’ve come so far. It tastes so much like the pickled mangoes my papa makes when they still grew mangoes by the truckloads in the province.
Now, can anyone tell me where I can find this brand? šŸ˜›

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