Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center

I’ve been wanting to visit this place since I heard of it decades ago but my parents aren’t big fans of going out of their comfort zones, and hubby isn’t big on nature, but one boring weekend with nothing to do, I was finally able to convince hubby to drive us to the park.

Started in the 70’s under the name Philippine Parks and Wildlife, it was renamed to its present title during the Cory administration. Yes – it has been around that long but you rarely hear of it. I myself only knew it because I always pass it going to UST back in college. (it’s located along the Quezon Memorial Circle). It was recently the location of a cover shoot for a magazine with Andi Eigenmann, and admittedly, it was that incident which pushed this park to the forefront of my consciousness (the pictures were kinda nice and I was curious that such a place existed in the city).

I was in for a bit of disappointment though. While the park may have been quite nice in its heyday, now, it’s a mess of rundown buildings, strewn with garbage and graffiti. There’s a mini aviary but there were only a handful of breeds inside and you could barely see as the trees and hedges are overgrown.

There is a viewing deck near the lagoon which would have been a nice picnic spot but it has since been closed to the public, probably due to safety reasons.

I did find this scenic spot which sort of reminds me of the Hundred Acre Woods from Winnie the Pooh. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the concrete fence overlooking the lagoon.
I wish this park would be renovated and brought to its former glory now that the son of the man it was named after is our president. There are cottages dotting the banks of the lagoon and with just a bit of sprucing up, these can be rented out to tourists looking for a bit of respite. You can even go fishing and boating!
There’s also a pavilion at one end of the lagoon, supposedly a venue for mini-conferences and gatherings, a bridge leading out halfway into the lagoon itself. I was thinking: if this park was just maintained well, this spot would have been a perfect wedding reception venue.
So yeah, calling on PNoy – please have someone look into this. It’s a lovely place in dire need of attention.

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