Pig Out: Blufish/Flying Pig

Haven’t exactly been true to my promise of dieting; hubby blames it on my appetite, which has considerably grown since I married him. I blame it on him dragging me to all these  dinner cum pig fests. 😛

So anyway, the troop hit Eastwood for a change and decided on trying Blufish; hubby wanted Flying Pig but we got the best of both worlds since you can cross-order.

Adodo Confit

Texas Smoked Sausages
Sundried Tomato Aglio
Oysters Rockefeller

Paella Valenciana
House Blend Iced Tea
The adobo and sausages are from Flying Pig, rest are from BluFish. And I must say, yum! I finished the oysters all by myself, ignoring the pointed looks from my friends. The paella is a bit too salty, but other than that, it was very nice and the shrimp and squid were cooked perfectly – not with the shell sticking to the shrimp or the squid all gummy.

This place gets a double thumbs up from me. Prices are okay – our bill came at P3,000 (with some butal) – considering that there were six of us, that’s just P500 for the feast! 

* Blufish located at the ground floor of Eastwood Mall.

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