The World According to Joey Part 2

We’ve been trying to teach Joey to pray before going to sleep and he has already memorized the guardian angel prayer and almost has the Our Father down pat. Tonight, while lying in bed trying to get him to sleep:
Joey:  Mom, I want to pray
Me (oops, forgot to pray): That’s very good Joey. Let’s pray (helps Joey make the sign of the cross).
Joey and me: Our Father…
Joey (right after the last line): Papa Jesus, I want the  blue McQueen Car – just one !(raising one finger to heaven for emphasis)
Me:  Joey, you need to thank Jesus first for all the things he has given you and for taking care of you and say sorry for being makulit.
Joey:  Jesus, thank you for my toys. I promise I won’t be kulit tomorrow.
(after a pause)
Joey: Jesus, please tell my mom to buy me the McQueen Car, the blue one? Thank you. Good night.

Me: (speechless, proud that Joey wants to pray at night; but thinking Joey already knows he can pray to Jesus to ask for what he wants).

And by the way, Joey fell asleep right after making his wish. Oh well, at least he knows how to pray. And he does it politely. 😛

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