Old School

My mom used to change our stereo/component system like, every two years when I was a kid but I never really inherited her fondness for these kinds of things. I’m perfectly content with my iPod and my cellphone radio. 
But, I could not resist this cute old-style radio:
Saw, fell in love, and took home this darling from Dimensione for only Php1,099! It’s small (about 7 inches long and 4 inches high), it’s bright red (it comes in black and oak finishes too, but hubby wanted the bright red), and it sounds nice, considering the price. And, it has in ipod dock! Plus, it can also play on four AA batteries so it’s perfect for those rotating brownouts.

You might say it’s kinda too small – but I think it’s perfect. I don’t really want a boom box, just a functional radio and this one would fit right into our cozy condo unit. 😛

Reminds me of the old radio we used to have at my parents’ old house. It was old when I was five (I think mama inherited it from her own mom, so it would have been around 15 yrs old then), so it’s probably 40 yrs old by now? Wonder where it is though.It would be interesting to put it on display – my mom used to hoard antiques from my lola’s house, sneaking one item after the other to put on display at her own house. My lola, who keeps an entire room/wardrobe full of antiques, doesn’t really realize/care about their worth.  Maybe I’ll go there one of these days and “borrow” her old tea set which I know would cost a fortune if bought at an antiques shop. 😛

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