Prince William and Kate Engaged

I’ve always loved anything to do with the British royal family. I remember researching their family history and tree back in high school even when it wasn’t formally part of our subject. And I must say I’ve always had this teeny crush on Prince William – how can anyone resist? He is not bad looking and he’s second in line to the throne, never mind that his hair has now receded much farther up his forehead. He’s still cute. 
So anyway, it’s good to hear he finally proposed. I remember first hearing about Kate when I was fresh put of college so they must be together for at least seven or eight years by now. About time. And now I am so wishing to be in London next year when they finally tie the knot. 🙂


Spent half of my Saturday hanging out with the girls from the office – first stop: FOOD! We decided to hang out at Shangri-la Mall to avoid the payday crowd and partly, since we met up nearby and we were all hungry. 

Assorted sushi, bacon asparagus, rice, peppered crusted chicken

Ended up at Sumo Sam, where they serve steaks and Japanese food. It’s not authentic Japanese or steak, but rather, “Filipinized” to suit our taste buds. Quality is rather sub-par  – it might be just me, but I found the food a little too greasy.  And they don’t really taste too great – I was disappointed with the rice bowl since the plain rice tasted better. And the chicken was bland. It was supposed to be peppered but I could not even taste a pinch! Prices though are relatively cheap – our bill came at just around Php 1,500 will bottomless iced tea for us three girls.  But of course, when you’re hungry, everything tastes great and we finished off just about everything. 

Anyway, had some photos taken in front of the mall’s Christmas tree (never mind that we looked like lost promdis and that I promised I wouldn’t be caught dead posing in a mall – hahaha).
Oh, and to cap off our day, Bretty and I decided to move to Greenbelt where we ended up buying matching shirts from Zara:

Can’t wait for our next outing! xoxo!

Crying Joey

I just couldn’t resist posting this photo – Joey and I were hanging out at Krispy Kreme, High Street when his KK balloon popped. As with all kids, Joey ended up crying but what I found so funny was after getting over the balloon, I asked Joey to make a sad face for me similar to his crying and he gave me this. Nice acting! Hehehe. 🙂

The World According to Joey Part 4 110710

While watching Disney:
Me: Joey, you look like Mommy. Coz you’re my baby and you look like me.
Joey (looks at me with big eyes): I look like you?
(scampers off to the nearest mirror where he proceeds to inspect every inch of his face)
Joey: But mom, I don’t look like you! I only look like myself. I don’t look like anyone. I’m just myself!

Tagaytay October 2010

It should be pretty obvious by now that hubby and I love hanging out in Tagaytay when we’re stressed; so, we took advantage of the long weekend (well, technically not for us since we both had to work) and prepped for a two-day R&R/foodtrip.
Not the Usual
Hubby and I decided to give our trusted Jessar apartments a rest and looked for a new hideaway. Had initially tried to book at the Country Suites but they were fully booked so we settled for the Boutique Bed & Breakfast, where we got the I Dare room. Each room had a color scheme and ours had a brown/beige motif.
First off, I love that they have their own line of products (shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion and room scent). This isn’t much of an original concept BUT they do let you choose which ones you like which I appreciated a lot. I chose lavender for my hair and mango for my soap. And, being a bit partial to rose and jasmine, I picked the “Romance” scent for our room. 
Personal care package and welcome snacks
The bed and pillow overload; view from the room and our breakfast spread
Another thing which I absolutely adored is the nightcap – no one gives a night cap anymore! Not even the five-star hotels in the metro. But the boutique gave us hot chocolate and warm, homemade oatmeal cookies. And did I mention that you can borrow dvd’s and game boards from them? I settled for Breakfast at Tiffany’s which I watched while munching on the cookies.
Probably the only downside I can think of is the room size – at Php8,000, I was expecting a roomier place but Ipe and I can hardly walk to the CR without bumping into something. And their bar closes at 10PM which is kinda of sad. Not that we wanted anything to drink but still. Then again, it is a bed and breakfast and guests are probably not expected to drink anyway. However, the lovely view which greeted us when we woke up more than made up for this minor flaws.
THE Food
Since we were delayed a bit due to car problems, we were hungry to eat just about anything when we got to Tagaytay at past 3. But, of course we didn’t travel all the way here to eat at Jollibee! 
Decided to try Army Navy,a military-inspired fast food which offers really nice food worth every penny. I like the theme, including the trash bins. 🙂

milkshake, freedom fries and starving sailor sandwich

Salty and greasy, just the way I like – yup, finished this all by myself!
I agree:
For lunch the next day, we headed off to Tagaytay Highland’s The Peak and had, what else would you order on a cold afternoon – shabu shabu! I know I’m supposed to be on a diet but I can’t really say no to good food, can I?
fruit platter, fruit shakes,chicken wings, and shabu shabu
Animal Lovers
Of course, since we were already there, we checked out the Animal Farm which we haven’t visited in over a year. Now, I’m really amazed at how they maintain this zoo – it doesn’t stink (probably since there’s always a cool breeze blowing), the grass is always green, and the animals don’t look like they’re half-starved to death.
we couldn’t stop gawking at this ginormous pig
the orangutan, with a face like a flat tire
Had dessert at a 50’s inspired diner which had these nice, old posters from that decade:
They even use old-style ketchup bottles!
And what do you know? A jukebox! Dunno if it still plays though.
Too bad weekends like this are hard to come by. And Ipe and I failed to get massages as we originally planned (we opted to sleep instead). Which is why I can’t wait to book us into Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast next time.Til then! 🙂

La Naval 2010

While I consider myself religious, I am not exactly a big fan of processions. But three years ago, I went to join for the first time the La Naval procession with our college friends as hubby’s substitute (I think he was in Thailand or some other Asian country) and the history behind this tribute to Mary has convinced me that it’s a worthwhile tradition.
La Naval de Manila is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of October, as thanksgiving for the miraculous win of the Spanish-Filipino contingent against the Dutch invasion in the 17th century. Miraculous, considering the Dutch had 18 warships against two Spanish galleons (trade ships). Before every battle, the Spanish-Filipino forces would pray to the Virgin Mary for her help and promised a pilgrimage in exchange for victory against the Dutch. 
I haven’t had the priviledge to actually touch the statue, the closest I’ve come is within a five-meter radius, but it is believed to be the oldest ivory carving in the country, with its dress made of gold cloth and silver threads. And the crown? Fit for a queen indeed – it contains precious stones donated by rich parishioners. It holds the distinction of being the first  Marian image in Asia to be canonically crowned, in 1907, under Pope Pius X.
Procession is actually short – just around the neighborhood of the Sto. Domingo Parish. A bigger crowd turn out this year, compared to last year when it didn’t even feel like a procession.  

that’s me, Lynda and Feli – only three of us made it this year (hubby joined later for the mass)

After walking a few blocks and sweating it out in the crowded church, the troop headed to Eldric’s house, for the joint celebration of his birthday and his daughter’s baptism. I love going to Dric and Eya’s house – they cook really really good food!

Elar’s lechon – probably one of only two lechon makers I favor

Eldric’s own recipe for crabs – mango with chili sauce. Heaven!

Can’t wait for next year. 🙂

PS: As I was writing this entry, I got a call I never thought I’d get. I had actually prayed for this during the procession and it’s just uncanny and too much of a coincidence to happen on the very day I was typing up an entry about the procession. I think it’s more of a miracle – and yes, they do happen when you least expect them to. 

Taylor Swift in Manila

Yes, after months of speculation and cancellation, the concert is now an official go!
I’m not exactly a big fan of Taylor, I like her songs well enough – they’re easy to sing, honest, and relatable, although highschoolish (then again, she is quite young). My favorite would have to be Come in with the Rain and White Horse off her Fearless Platinum Edition album.
She sounds good in the recordings, but I have yet to hear a good live performance. I guess now’s my chance to hear her sing live. And I don’t even have to familiarize myself with the songs as I know practically the lines to every song. 😛
Tickets can be bought online at Ticketnet, although I think they are not yet selling right now.  

The World According to Joey Part 3

A few weeks ago (or months?)
Joey: Mom, can you buy me all McQueen’s friends?
Me: No.
Joey: But why???
Me: Because you don’t have any money.
Joey (giving me accusing puppy eyes): But you have!
Me: (speechless again)
A few day’s ago…
Me:Joey, is daddy’s stomach big?
Joey: Yes.
Me: How about you?
Joey: Just a little bit big.
Me: (well, I didn’t bother asking him – see incident below)
While waiting for my turn in a public restroom…
Joey: Mom, your stomach is big!
(all ten pairs of eyes zoomed in on me)
Me? I wanted to dry up on the spot.

Joey’s Early Christmas Present

Most of you probably remember Joey’s fervent prayer a few weeks back and after visiting the biggest toy store at the mall with no luck, we almost feared his prayer will remain unanswered. Poor little brat though was so patient and understanding when we explained to him that the stores had run out of McQueen cars. Didn’t even cry. 
Which made hubby and me reward him with something he had long wanted but never dared to ask (because I told him we didn’t have money to buy): Mac!

It’s actually three times more expensive than what Joey had asked for but he’s been such a good boy we just had to give in.

But as luck would have it (or maybe his little guardian angels led us right to the it) what did we find while looking for water glasses? The elusive blue McQueen! 

Now, Mastercard said it best: Price of the toy: Php xxx; the look on Joey’s face? Priceless! 😀