Christmas To-Do’s

I can’t believe it’s just around fifty days before Christmas. This will probably be my first Christmas spent working, though. I know, my pursuit of happiness has dug me me an undeniably deeper hole than before. That’s life and I’m sure you’ve all gotten tired of my constant whining.

To cheer myself up on this dreary Feast of All Saint’s (yes, I am working) and put my five minute break to good use, I am listing my to do’s for Christmas. See, I usually hate to-do’s: it gets me organized but it mainly serves  as a reminder that I have tons to do. But this is Christmas, and anything you have to do to get in the Christmas spirit is worth slaving for, right?

  1. Clean our old Christmas tree and set it up by this Saturday
  2. Related to #1, wrap gifts for female in laws and friends (yes, I shopped early for them; or rather, hoarded during the outrageous company sale last month) by Sunday
  3. Complete shopping for god-children this month, probably during our trip later this month
  4. Finish wrapping my generic gifts (yes, still courtesy of my stash from the sale) by end of the month
  5. Shop for clothes for the family unit – this is the part I love most!
  6. Plan the family unit’s holiday activities
    • Where to go on the 25th, 30th, 31st, 1st (Ipe and I are both working on the 30th, though and me? well, probably including Christmas Eve as well) – there will obviously be tons of reunions to go to, and as Margie Holmes once mentioned on TV, you have to learn to compromise. The family cannot seriously think of going to each and every one otherwise, we’d drop dead from exhaustion. This is just one instance of picking your battles, in a more positive setting.
  7. Plan the Varsi Christmas party – honestly, I wasn’t able to do this last year, hence, we had a last-minute mess at our house. I plan to avoid that this year. 
    • Set a date
    • Book a place
    • Set a menu
    • Organize the gift-giving/monito-monita

And, I hope to remedy this rut I’m in over the holidays as well. Do i sense a trend here? Wasn’t I busy doing the exact same thing last year? Hahahaha. 🙂

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