Tagaytay October 2010

It should be pretty obvious by now that hubby and I love hanging out in Tagaytay when we’re stressed; so, we took advantage of the long weekend (well, technically not for us since we both had to work) and prepped for a two-day R&R/foodtrip.
Not the Usual
Hubby and I decided to give our trusted Jessar apartments a rest and looked for a new hideaway. Had initially tried to book at the Country Suites but they were fully booked so we settled for the Boutique Bed & Breakfast, where we got the I Dare room. Each room had a color scheme and ours had a brown/beige motif.
First off, I love that they have their own line of products (shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion and room scent). This isn’t much of an original concept BUT they do let you choose which ones you like which I appreciated a lot. I chose lavender for my hair and mango for my soap. And, being a bit partial to rose and jasmine, I picked the “Romance” scent for our room. 
Personal care package and welcome snacks
The bed and pillow overload; view from the room and our breakfast spread
Another thing which I absolutely adored is the nightcap – no one gives a night cap anymore! Not even the five-star hotels in the metro. But the boutique gave us hot chocolate and warm, homemade oatmeal cookies. And did I mention that you can borrow dvd’s and game boards from them? I settled for Breakfast at Tiffany’s which I watched while munching on the cookies.
Probably the only downside I can think of is the room size – at Php8,000, I was expecting a roomier place but Ipe and I can hardly walk to the CR without bumping into something. And their bar closes at 10PM which is kinda of sad. Not that we wanted anything to drink but still. Then again, it is a bed and breakfast and guests are probably not expected to drink anyway. However, the lovely view which greeted us when we woke up more than made up for this minor flaws.
THE Food
Since we were delayed a bit due to car problems, we were hungry to eat just about anything when we got to Tagaytay at past 3. But, of course we didn’t travel all the way here to eat at Jollibee! 
Decided to try Army Navy,a military-inspired fast food which offers really nice food worth every penny. I like the theme, including the trash bins. 🙂

milkshake, freedom fries and starving sailor sandwich

Salty and greasy, just the way I like – yup, finished this all by myself!
I agree:
For lunch the next day, we headed off to Tagaytay Highland’s The Peak and had, what else would you order on a cold afternoon – shabu shabu! I know I’m supposed to be on a diet but I can’t really say no to good food, can I?
fruit platter, fruit shakes,chicken wings, and shabu shabu
Animal Lovers
Of course, since we were already there, we checked out the Animal Farm which we haven’t visited in over a year. Now, I’m really amazed at how they maintain this zoo – it doesn’t stink (probably since there’s always a cool breeze blowing), the grass is always green, and the animals don’t look like they’re half-starved to death.
we couldn’t stop gawking at this ginormous pig
the orangutan, with a face like a flat tire
Had dessert at a 50’s inspired diner which had these nice, old posters from that decade:
They even use old-style ketchup bottles!
And what do you know? A jukebox! Dunno if it still plays though.
Too bad weekends like this are hard to come by. And Ipe and I failed to get massages as we originally planned (we opted to sleep instead). Which is why I can’t wait to book us into Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast next time.Til then! 🙂

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