Spent half of my Saturday hanging out with the girls from the office – first stop: FOOD! We decided to hang out at Shangri-la Mall to avoid the payday crowd and partly, since we met up nearby and we were all hungry. 

Assorted sushi, bacon asparagus, rice, peppered crusted chicken

Ended up at Sumo Sam, where they serve steaks and Japanese food. It’s not authentic Japanese or steak, but rather, “Filipinized” to suit our taste buds. Quality is rather sub-par  – it might be just me, but I found the food a little too greasy.  And they don’t really taste too great – I was disappointed with the rice bowl since the plain rice tasted better. And the chicken was bland. It was supposed to be peppered but I could not even taste a pinch! Prices though are relatively cheap – our bill came at just around Php 1,500 will bottomless iced tea for us three girls.  But of course, when you’re hungry, everything tastes great and we finished off just about everything. 

Anyway, had some photos taken in front of the mall’s Christmas tree (never mind that we looked like lost promdis and that I promised I wouldn’t be caught dead posing in a mall – hahaha).
Oh, and to cap off our day, Bretty and I decided to move to Greenbelt where we ended up buying matching shirts from Zara:

Can’t wait for our next outing! xoxo!

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