The Tourist

Never mind the cold; I brought the tropics to Macau and Hongkong via my wardrobe (and got stared at because of it).

Tunic top, Tyler; pants, BYUK
Disney shirt, Zara; shorts, Promod; thrifted faux fur gillet, Senado Square, Macau
yellow long-sleeved polo, Freeway; vintage necklace, Forever 21
cowl-neck knitted sweater, Tyler; sandals, VNC
shirtdress, Heather Miss Grey at Bleach Catastrophe; patterned tights, Forever 21; brogues, The Ramp; aviator shades, Rayban

Red and Blue

Love the contrast of these two colors that Rio and I wore on my last day that we just had to take a picture:


I’ve been stopping myself from entering my favorite accessories store, Accessorize, because I didn’t want to splurge when I won’t be getting a paycheck for a weeks or so, but who was I kidding? 😀

Anyway, so I went home early one night, managed to sneak in before the shops close at 9PM over at Greenbelt 5 and went home with these beauties:

Oh, and it didn’t hurt that there was a sale going on – buy two  regular priced items and get a third one free (so long as the price is lower than the original two purchases)! Other items at 30% off including bags. So, if you’re on a shopping diet like me, I think this will be a great way to satisfy that urge while curbing your spending (a bit). 

The World According to Joey 012211

Daddy: Go to sleep little one.
Joey: Go to sleep big one!
(Daddy gives up and goes to sleep).


Joey: Mom, can I eat chocolates?
Me: Tomorrow because it’s night time and you’re about to sleep.
Joey: Are chocolates bad for eating before going to sleep?
Me: Yes.
Joey: But you say they’re bad for eating during daytime too? When can I eat them? (in an exasperated tone and hunched shoulders)
Me: (gives up and give Joey a piece of chocolate)


Joey: Mom, can you buy me the flying Buzz (Lightyear from Toy Story), a chopper, and Brewster (from Chuggington)?
Me: Just pick one and I’ll buy it for your birthday.
Joey (after thinking for a few seconds): Ok, Mom. I want the flying Buzz for my birthday.
Me: (relieved he gave up after just one try)
Joey: Mom, can I have three birthdays and you can buy the chopper and Brewster?
Me: (rolls off the sofa)


(continuation of above conversation)
Me: Joey, but you don’t have any money to buy the toys.
Joey (looks at me reproachfully): Mom, but you have!

Make Up Hoard for the Holidays

You all know by now how much I love make-up. Not to use on myself but I just like having the full arsenal – primer, foundation, powder, concealer, shadow, blush… Heck, I can go on and on. In fact, my officemates were quite shocked when I brought my kikay kit and revealed just how much gunk I have in it (especially glosses and lipsticks – I have fifteen and eight, respectively, I think).
And I just gotta have more. Using the Christmas parties as an excuse, I bought myself a new compact powder foundation and pressed powder from Paul and Joe, my favorite cosmetics brand, in case you haven’t noticed. A bit pricey (Php 2,350 for the fonda and Php 2140 for the powder) but it’s one of the few brands that don’t give me allergies – plus, it always looks so natural. 🙂
Now, I have never been a powder blush person, mainly because I don’t like carrying brushes and they look obvious. I remember having two l’oreal blush delice expiring on me but this one from the The Balm is too cute – and it also doubles as an eye shadow. So when my Smashbox O-glow run out, I did not think twice about buying this one. Another bonus is that it’s cheaper than my gel blush, at around Php800. Too bad that it doesn’t have a brush of its own and I had to invest in a brush. Oh well.
Now, I promise to use these up before buying anything more. Goodness knows I should because I just realized I have racked up tens of thousands in the past year on cosmetics alone – and I don’t even use them!!!

It Starts With Me :)

Got this in our mailbox (a tad late since I am soooo lazy in picking up the mail – I think this came in two or three weeks ago, based on the post date):
My very own donor/discount card from Unicef, together with a couple of greeting cards! Yey!
I actually became a Unicef donor about two years ago, after I was sales – “talked” into donating a small amount. It didn’t really take much as I had always wanted to do charity work (except that I still obviously need to earn) and I have a soft spot for kids  (well, I also have a soft spot for old folks) so I knew I was going to sign up even before the girl walked up to me. And, knowing how tamad I am, I opted to have it charged to my credit card every month – that way, I won’t even notice it and I won’t miss a single month.
It’s a very small amount but I know that combined with others, it can and will change the life of children somewhere. I know I have generous friends reading this so you might want to check out or call 758-1000.
On a side note, Ipe and I decided to revive an old family tradition of ours – giving gifts/food on Christmas eve. I last did this with my folks three years ago and never got around to doing it again. So last December 24th, I hurried home from the office, and after some last minute grocery/shopping and confession at Greenbelt, proceeded to cook spaghetti for thirty people. Since we also have quite a couple of balls of ham, we decided to make ham sandwiches with egg and cheese and put them in styro containers. 
I can’t tell you how good it feels to see those poor people coming up to our car as we distributed the food. I almost cried that we didn’t have enough to feed all of them – after all, we only managed to give out 30 packs (and even forgot to buy fruit juices to go with it) and there were just too many hungry souls on Christmas Eve. 
But the good thing is, we were not alone – there was one other car roaming the same streets giving out food. I don’t know who they are but I know they had a very fulfilling Christmas like us. I was bone tired during the Christmas weekend but it was all worth it. Can’t wait to do it again this year – hopefully, we’ll be able to provide for more. 🙂