Make Up Hoard for the Holidays

You all know by now how much I love make-up. Not to use on myself but I just like having the full arsenal – primer, foundation, powder, concealer, shadow, blush… Heck, I can go on and on. In fact, my officemates were quite shocked when I brought my kikay kit and revealed just how much gunk I have in it (especially glosses and lipsticks – I have fifteen and eight, respectively, I think).
And I just gotta have more. Using the Christmas parties as an excuse, I bought myself a new compact powder foundation and pressed powder from Paul and Joe, my favorite cosmetics brand, in case you haven’t noticed. A bit pricey (Php 2,350 for the fonda and Php 2140 for the powder) but it’s one of the few brands that don’t give me allergies – plus, it always looks so natural. 🙂
Now, I have never been a powder blush person, mainly because I don’t like carrying brushes and they look obvious. I remember having two l’oreal blush delice expiring on me but this one from the The Balm is too cute – and it also doubles as an eye shadow. So when my Smashbox O-glow run out, I did not think twice about buying this one. Another bonus is that it’s cheaper than my gel blush, at around Php800. Too bad that it doesn’t have a brush of its own and I had to invest in a brush. Oh well.
Now, I promise to use these up before buying anything more. Goodness knows I should because I just realized I have racked up tens of thousands in the past year on cosmetics alone – and I don’t even use them!!!

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