I’ve been stopping myself from entering my favorite accessories store, Accessorize, because I didn’t want to splurge when I won’t be getting a paycheck for a weeks or so, but who was I kidding? 😀

Anyway, so I went home early one night, managed to sneak in before the shops close at 9PM over at Greenbelt 5 and went home with these beauties:

Oh, and it didn’t hurt that there was a sale going on – buy two  regular priced items and get a third one free (so long as the price is lower than the original two purchases)! Other items at 30% off including bags. So, if you’re on a shopping diet like me, I think this will be a great way to satisfy that urge while curbing your spending (a bit). 

The World According to Joey 012211

Daddy: Go to sleep little one.
Joey: Go to sleep big one!
(Daddy gives up and goes to sleep).


Joey: Mom, can I eat chocolates?
Me: Tomorrow because it’s night time and you’re about to sleep.
Joey: Are chocolates bad for eating before going to sleep?
Me: Yes.
Joey: But you say they’re bad for eating during daytime too? When can I eat them? (in an exasperated tone and hunched shoulders)
Me: (gives up and give Joey a piece of chocolate)


Joey: Mom, can you buy me the flying Buzz (Lightyear from Toy Story), a chopper, and Brewster (from Chuggington)?
Me: Just pick one and I’ll buy it for your birthday.
Joey (after thinking for a few seconds): Ok, Mom. I want the flying Buzz for my birthday.
Me: (relieved he gave up after just one try)
Joey: Mom, can I have three birthdays and you can buy the chopper and Brewster?
Me: (rolls off the sofa)


(continuation of above conversation)
Me: Joey, but you don’t have any money to buy the toys.
Joey (looks at me reproachfully): Mom, but you have!