The World According to Joey Valentine’s Day Edition

Right after I got home last night:
Joey: Mom, I want to greet you happy valentine’s day!
(proceeds to hug and kiss me)
Joey: But it’s not day anymore, it’s night. I should say happy valentine’s night!
(hugs and kisses me again)
Joey: Mom, I want to give you a valentine’s day present. But I don’t have money. (looks crestfallen)
Me: But Joey, you already gave me the best gift – your hugs and kisses!

Joey: (jumps me with a big bear hug and smothers me with kisses)

After saying our prayers last night:
Joey: Mom, who is lolo’s wife?
Me: Mamu
Joey: Who is lolo’s wife (referring to his paternal grandpa)?
Me: Lola in the house upstairs
Joey: But daddy doesn’t have a wife?
Me: Of course he has. I’m daddy’s wife.
Joey (wide-eyed, and with great worry): But mom, I don’t have a wife!
Me: (rolls over and go to sleep)
The hubby and I didn’t celebrate V-day (but then, we don’t usually do; last year was the exception) – he was working late and I was just too sleepy. I guess we’ll just have to celebrate it together with the kiddo’s upcoming birthday. 🙂
But I thought I’d post this here, one of his out of the blue presents (yes, he is capable of that sometimes, I think when he’s burning with fever or did something wrong). Nothing fancy, but something he knew I’d love:

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