Joey’s 4th Birthday

February is birthday month for my side of the family: Joey and my uncle share the same b-day, and my mama and lola share the same b-day the day after (yeah, great coincidence right?). Naturally, I can’t drag both sides of the family to our teeny tiny condo so we had two separate affairs. The original plan was to have them together, but hubby didn’t include me in his plans so I ended up planning a date, and he, well, planned for another. The cake ended up arriving in between the two dates. 
For the pre-birthday with my in-laws, I managed to whip up home-made pizza, and chicken, garlic shrimp and mango cake. For 15 people (including me and hubby and nanny) .All done in less than three hours with just me manning the kitchen! Bone-tired after. Haha.
For the joint celeb with my lola and mama, decided to just contribute the cake. Mama promised to bring the food but proved once again how good she is at disappearing acts. she did manage to arrive 6 hours after the agreed time, sans food. Good thing my tita came to the rescue (my tita inherited my lola’s culinary skills; their house is my favorite destination during the Christmas season, when all diets are forgotten). 😀
Happy 4th birthday to my little angel, Joey! Happy 78th birthday to my lola and happy 52nd birthday to my mama! (Of course, my mama insists she’s only 50 – good thing she doesn’t read my blog, hehehe).
PS: Funny, I have some dim recollection that Joey’s cake this year is somewhat similar to last year’s. Only now did I realize they were indeed the same design! Hahaha!

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