Happy Kind of Sad

I handed in my resignation from my fifth employer less than a year after joining. It wasn’t unplanned; I’ve been meaning to for a couple of months now but it was certainly not what I was hoping to do ten months ago. In fact, I was keen on staying for good which was why I had given the original copies of my personal documents (transcripts and the like) – I didn’t think I would need them again. 
Fast forward ten months later and I was saying goodbye. In a way, it was even harder this time around – this post was my first time to handle twenty-two direct reports (which dwindled to twenty due to transfers and resignations) and a couple of adopted “children” whom I have come to regard as a sort of family away from home. I was leaving, yes, but it was never because of them (nor the work for that matter; work was a bit stressful but I somehow enjoyed doing it).

I hope that the friendship survives but whatever happens, I have a lot of good memories:

At the groundbreaking of the new building

It was touching how the team managed to prepare a surprise for my birthday when it was right smack during our first ever month-end closing. And surprising also that they managed to decorate the entire two-story building our team occupies to win 1st place at the Xmas decoration contest, even though our backlog then was threatening to swallow us whole. 
Left: the guys serenading me on my birthday with “Beautiful Girl”; Right: Xmas Party at the Marriott

But probably what touched my most is their despedida for me – from a carefully prepared video and presentation to an out of town games/drinking spree in Tagaytay. Even to the final one on ones I had with some of them (I didn’t get to finish them all, unfortunately), and the last minute phone calls to say goodbye.  I didn’t cry then – it had long been my principle when I took on the role that I would not let them see me sad or otherwise emotional; I wanted them to look to me for strength and guidance. But it was heartbreaking to see these proofs and hear their messages and realize how much I was loved by the entire team.

Despedida at Mariz’ family’s rest house in Tagaytay

So here’s my thank you for all the wonderful times, saved for posterity on the internet. Thank you guys!

4 thoughts on “Happy Kind of Sad

  1. awwwww…krissy talaga so emo!!! admit it, you miss us!!
    i'll never forget our first conference call together and how you sounded like you've been with us long where in fact it was just your FIRST day!


  2. hahaha, kutz, dakilang emotera ako. di lng masyado napaghahalata sa office. but of course, i miss you!
    haha, i remember din our first call, and we were waiting for the others and I was asking you if you were on a diet kasi hindi kayo naglu-lunch (nagf-feeling lng din ako, fishing kasi nagugutom din ako nun). haha, naalala mo ba yun? 😛


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