Countdown to Summer

While it’s kinda ironic that summer officially began with a light drizzle, I can’t but welcome it with wide open arms. Summer means beach, travel and fun, something I missed out  on totally last year. 
It’s gonna take a lot of work to get myself into beach-worthy bod so I prepped myself for the ordeal by having a buffet dinner at Dad’s to mark the start of my crash diet (lol).
Right now, I’m at 122 lbs, still 14 lbs away from my usual 108 lbs – this has been my consistent weight since I was in my teens and even after giving birth, except that somehow in the last year, stress caught up with me (or maybe it was the unusual working hours and food/sleep deprivation). I intend to slim down this summer (plus, my lola and mama have been bugging me incessantly to lose weight!). Wish me luck!
Oh, and it’s so much fun looking at the summer edition of magazines now. I’ve always loved pin-up girl fashion and anything 50’s – think prim and proper, sassy and sultry at the same time. And I’m quite happy to see high-waist two-piece swimsuits in the local fashion mags. I saw one last year at Louis Vuitton but of course, I cannot afford to splurge on a two piece designer swimwear and I couldn’t find any in our malls (my obsession is kind aselfish – since I’m a bit on the fat side of my frame, high-waist bottoms kinda work well for me, :P). 
photos grabbed from
But I am also a bit in love with the two-piece swimsuits (fact is, I have so many two-piece swimsuits they’re actually crowding my closet. I own more swimsuits than jeans or t-shirts combined!):

* Photos grabbed from

Oh well, have to hit the mall next weekend to shop, shop, shop! And browse some more online (another fact: about 70% of all my swimsuits were bought online, hahaha!) 🙂

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