The World According to Joey 031611

Last night:
Me: Joey, why do you always sleep late at night?
Joey: Mom, I can’t sleep because I think too much.
Me: (speechless for a bit – how can a four-year old kid think too much?!?)
Joey: (sensing I was at a loss) Mom, I think too much because you and dad tell me not to talk or move too much at night time. So I think too much.
Me: (natuluyan na ko’ng speechless)
After a fight with Daddy:
Me: Joey, did Daddy hurt you?
Joey: No mom, he just hurt my feelings. (to dad) Dad, don’t hurt my feelings again, okay?

My mother-n-law came to visit us earlier today and Joey didn’t want her to go. Below exchange was relayed by hubby to me:
Daddy: Lola needs to go home because tita Katkat (my youngest sister in law who just started working) needs her mom to cook her food.
Joey: But tita Katkat is a grown up. She can cook her own food.
Daddy: But tita Katkat needs her mom to clean the house.
Joey: But tita Katkat is a grown up. She can clean the house.
Daddy: But tita Katkat needs her mom to sleep beside her. 
Joey: But I’m four and sometimes I sleep all by myself in the other room because I’m four years old!
Daddy: (well, speechless by this time)
Continuation of the above exchange:
Lola: (sensing the argument was getting nowhere) Joey, come let’s go to sleep. I’ll sleep beside you.
Joey: Can you sing the song my mom sings for me?
Lola: I don’t know your mommy’s song. But I have a special song just for you. (starts singing) Sleep my darling Joey, mom and dad are far away.
Joey: (interrupts singing) Don’t say daddy’s far away – he’s already here!

Joey playing games/typing his name using my laptop

3 thoughts on “The World According to Joey 031611

  1. yeah, my mom used to sing it to me too. hahaha!

    but the song i sing for joey every night is someone's waiting for you from the rescuers. although joey associates it with bambi because of a nice video we watched on youtube using bambi scenes for the song.


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