Food Coma Weekend

I know I’m supposed to be on a diet in preparation for summer and of course, it’s the Lenten season and I should fast. But, I will have to restart my diet another day. 
Friday night, had dinner with my teammates from my former employer at Cyma. I had suggested we eat here since we’ve always taken Jerry to Filipino restos in the past so I figured it would be a nice change to have something different (although I couldn’t really vouch for the authenticity of the food since I’ve never been to Greece). And since it was the first time for all of them, we got a little carried away with the orders -we realized it was too much even before the appetizers were laid out: tons of pita bread with tzatsiki! For those who don’t know, tzatsiki is a yoghurt and cucumber dip so it’s a bit sour and cool to the tongue at the same time. 
We also had moussaka, a no-brainer, after all, if you’re gonna try a cuisine might as well start with the national dish right? Then chicken adobo, spinach pasta and zucchini and gyros. I especially liked the zucchini – I never tasted this veggie before but it tasted lovely. 
I wanted to have dessert after but we were too full I decided to just skip it. Though I did manage to hit Fully Booked – and got the latest book in the Vampire Diaries series (well, the 2nd to the latest). 😛
Saturday night, Ipe and I had the usual “mamam”  with UST friends, as titow Jere would say it – at Banana Leaf at Powerplant. Loved the fried tilapya with sauce and the shrimp/mango with chili sauce. And I got the chrysanthemum tea shake to boot! A lot of people don’t really like this tea, but I find its taste perfect, even when I was a kid. It taste like brewed flowers, kinda like drinking a floral perfume. Ok, I’ll stop there as I realize that sounds sort of weird.

Watched a movie after, World Invasion: Battle LA starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Neyo and Ramon Rodriguez (I kept thinking where I saw him then it hit me – he was Shia Labouf’s sidekick in Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen). I am not really a fan of disaster movies; I only watch them when I have nothing to watch ON cable. But Aaron Eckhart was superb as the Staff Sergeant who was forced to lead a team of marines after their lieutenant died, not to mention easy on the eyes too. But the plot is tired, and the entire movie reminded me of Independence Day. So, I’d say, the movie would have bored me to death if I didn’t find Aaron kinda handsome. 😛

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