The World According to Joey 032811

Last Saturday…
Joey: Mom, you promised we’ll go pasyal on Saturday.
Me: Ok, I’ll ask your dad to take us pasyal.
Joey: Ok, but I need to wear outside clothes.
Me: No need, we’ll just go out and ride the car around the neighbourhood and then go back home.
Joey: But mom, that’s not pasyal. That’s just one ride. Pasyal means you’re going far, far away, and out of the car and walking.
While driving out of the gate:
Joey: Turn right! (right goes to the main road, left goes to the inner parts of the compound)
Daddy: No, we’re turning left.
Joey: (Silent, mulling things over) But daddy, this is not pasyal. You’re just giving me one ride. I need to pasyal and go out of the car! Turn right!
As I was dressing up yesterday to go out with hubby, Joey comes in and this conversation takes place:
Joey: Mom, where are you going?
Me: (thinking if I tell him we were going out, he will cry) To the office. Daddy will drive me there and we’ll come back for you later.
Joey: What day is it, mom?
Me: Sunday.
Joey: Then why are you going to the office on Sunday, mom?
Me: (speechless)

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