Friday Blues and the Wednesday belief

It’s Friday and I know I have lots of pending stuff to do before the day officially comes to a close, but I’m feeling rather lazy today. I’m blaming 90% of it on my allergic rhinitis, which has been hyper-active lately, and the resulting cocktail of antihistamines and antibiotics I have to ingest daily. Trust me, it’s a mean attack I can barely hear my seatmate talking due to clogged nose and deafness (TMI, so I’ll stop there). 
But nevertheless, I personally think and believe ((in my dreams at least), that Fridays should be made holidays for the following reasons:

  1. Everyone is sluggish on this day – perhaps because they’ve used up all their energies from Monday-Thursday and have none left for the last day of the week. I, for one, typically use up all my reserves by mid=Thursday so it’s quite rare that you’d find me behaving like an Energizer bunny on Fridays. Which is also why I tend to schedule all my paperwork on this day – I am not a very useful participant in meetings if it’s on a Friday. At least with paperwork, I can stare at it for hours on end. Ha!

  1. It’s Quiapo day. I know, I know. This one is quite too random, even for me and I don’t make sense most of the time. But every Friday, the traffic demons all seem to be enjoying themselves to the hilt – take this morning, what is usually a 15-minute drive from our house to my office took me almost an hour! My muffin and hash browns were all cold by the time I got to eat them.

  1. It’s Saturday the next day. Again, random thinking on my part. But people are on auto-tune out mode every Friday, with their minds already miles into the coming weekend, so why not just let them be? (ok, I’m not doing the labor force here any good). 

But I also have another theory/belief/whatever you want to call it, one which I am more in favour of – why not declare all Wednesdays non-working days? Think about it, this essentially cuts the work week smack into two and you can then condition your mind into thinking that your work week only consists of two days. You get to work your ass off on the two days you’re required to work, use up all your energy, then regroup on Wednesday so you’re back at the top of your game on Thursday all the way through Friday. It doesn’t tire you out coz you get a respite so you’re more productive during the four days you are working and since you had a chance to recharge your batteries, you get your entire weekend free for whatever stuff you want to do. It’s cool, right? 
Oh well. My five-minute break is up and I should get back to what I was doing. Happy Friday to you guys! And incidentally, I just remembered it’s April Fool’s day! J

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