Bonding Weekend

Hubby and I had are now enjoying rare weekends when we are both stuck at home with no work to bother us (well, I don’t have access to work from home yet) – we are so not used to it, especially him, since for ten years his Sundays had been devoted to newspaper work. So starting last week, we’ve been rattling our brains to figure out what to do – no out of town trips yet since I haven’t earned any leave credits (a minor bummer).
With his newfound free time, hubby proved that while he may not be the sweetest guy on earth, he knows (most of the time anyway) when I need to be taken cared of  –  he took charge of booking me for a spa session last weekend. (Although this came about after I hinted rather strongly that something is really wrong when he’s been to the spa three times in less than two weeks while I haven’t been anywhere near one in two months, hehe).
What a relief though! I’ve been neck-deep in work the past few weeks and I knew I needed it.

We also managed to go to my in-laws and pick up Joey – he stayed there for a week since he’d been begging to go on a vacation – and visit my sis/bro-in-law’s new house. I think the kid enjoyed it a lot as he was able to play with his cousin, a boy like him, instead of all our girl neighbors.

I often feel sad whenever he asks me to find little boys to play with or when he comes home crying because all the girls in our condo like to play with dolls or play house and all he wants is to play with cars. Once, he even asked me to host a party for little boys because his next-door playmate threw a pool party for her playmates (all girls). Too bad that all the boys in our condo seem to be much older than him. And since we can’t exactly have a pool party for little boys with just one little boy, we just took Joey for a little swim:

look at his big smile!

Sunday was spent going to our friend Dex’s photo studio opening – and I ended up cheating on my supposed diet again as I was confronted by a neat table loaded with food. Arrgh. We couldn’t get Joey to try on the props and pose for the camera at first but when he finally warmed up to the idea, we couldn’t get him to stop! Well, if anything, Dex already has a loyal client in Joey. 😛

pretending to be an angel

Joey asking his dad to help him fly

The last weekend was a good one – catching up with family and friends. And I can’t wait for next week. Hint:

Virgin Island, from my last visit in 2009

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