Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2011

Had a lot of activities the past two days – some old, some new stuff. The Holy Week holidays are rather busy days for us, but I’m glad Ipe and I have yet to succumb to partying or hitting up the beach on these holy days.
Our friends from the V met up to do our annual Visita Iglesia – now on its 10th year, though I wasn’t part of the original group; I used to do Visita with my family). We visited seven churches this year around Makati and QC, though I only joined for the last three. 

The facade is quite simple; but the interior is very nice
We actually got to do some fun 
stuff – the Padre Pio Chapel in Libis was our second to last stop and we got a pleasant surprise when we saw they were handing out these crosses for you to carry while you do your stations of the cross in their makeshift garden (the stations are in a cordoned portion of the chapel’s parking lot). 

They were also considerate enough to have laminated copies of the prayers so you don’t have to leaf through your booklets; it’s quite hard to do when you’re carrying a cross.

That’s our group carrying our crosses

Jere got the biggest cross – but he will probably kill me for posting this pic: look at the bottom of his cross. See something looking suspiciously like a wheel? 😛
Jere remarked that we had probably gone beyond heaven as we repeated all stations across seven churches – 14 stations * 7 churches! Anyway, all the heat and the literal carrying of our crosses made us all SOOOOOOOOO hungry, Feli and I had to agree we couldn’t care less where we eat.  We were looking forward to some sinigang and sisig and since we were in Timog, we were all set to have dinner at Dencio’s near ABS-CBN – only to find out it was closed down already. We ended up at Buddy’s instead, this one near GMA. 

view from across the street – bright lights
the inside is just as bright; summer seems to be the year-round theme as I recall their Makati branch had the same set-up back in December

Feasted ourselves on pancit lucban, sotanghon, bihon, pork and bangus sisig, longanisa and molo soup

What I love most about Pinoy restos is that they have sago’t gulaman; it’s refreshing quality is very underrated, if you ask me. 
The food here at Buddy’s is perhaps what you would expect to find in a barrio feast at surprisingly cheap prices. Can you believe the pancit lukban good for three people costs only Php 180? Food coma indeed! 😀

Too bad Ipe and I had to go home early since we were already tired (again, my total sleep hours this week probably totaled less than 20 hours – soo not good). 

Good Friday found us at the hubby’s ancestral home in Bay. I like the church here, the San Agustin, which was built in 1804 after the parish was transferred from its previous location near the bay. Sadly, the stone church was destroyed during WWII and was rebuilt in 1953. 

Love how they kept to the antique feel

Ipe and I had been spending Good Fridays here for the past seven years but this was the first time we finished the church service – we didn’t know the parishioners would be making their way to pay homage to the cross ON THEIR KNEES!
I know it was just a couple of meters – but it was on hard cement and I swear every time I crept forward, a capillary would break! I wasn’t able to take photos as I was already having a hard time balancing on my knees, and the ever-clumsy husband bumped on me from behind that I almost fell face forward.
The parish priest right before he went on his knees
The procession this year took longer than usual though I couldn’t tell if it was due to the size of the crowd or because we had several breaks in between. Last year’s crowd was quite huge already and this year seems to be the same number. But it took us two hours to circle the neighborhood and get back to the church.
Yup, that’s our cue to join; it was still bright when we started
…and well after dark when we finished. This pic looks eerie; as if the Santo Entierro’s carosa was glowing and floating on air

The family chapel, the right glass enclosure is where the Santo Entierro is kept on normal days – yes, the room is air-conditioned which is why a lot of people hang out here, aside from the powder which also has full-blast AC 😀
I only ate a measly fillet-o-fish sandwich and a snack the entire day (plus, only a glass of water), so by dinner, I was seriously famished. But we were amply rewarded coz when we got back to the house, this was the feast waiting for us:

Good Friday dinner – no meat! All seafood and veggies. Oops! Does egg count?
We’re supposed to go to the Easter Vigil tonight but I’m not sure I’m up for an all-nighter. Kinda getting old and I’m starting to get chest pains and palpitations from the hunger and thirst (hubby doesn’t believe me when I say this; but then, he doesn’t believe also that I get cold or tired easily – he really should take a crash course on heart and thyroid diseases which makes me a nifty little package). Hopefully though, I have enough energy to celebrate Easter tomorrow! 🙂

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