My Skin Loves…

I have very sensitive skin – so sensitive that if I use the wrong product (which often happens, as I don’t have brand loyalty), I’d get rashes and inflammations within minutes. My derma often tells me to stick to Dove. And not just any Dove variant, but the unscented one, since I am also allergic to fragrance. I end up sneezing the entire day. I’m actually prone to weeks-long bouts of rhinitis and often have to take loratadine for weeks before I get better.
Any way, I have learned to be loyal to Dove but there are days when I just have to use something else, just to break the monotony. 🙂
My no-fail soap is Aveeno, a product of Johnson and Johnson (although I think this is locally distributed by Rustan’s?). It’s a very gentle line of oat-based skin products – soaps,  body wash, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, sunblock, and shaving gels. I tried almost all (except the moisturizer – I’m loyal to P&G products for that), but after giving them a few weeks try, I discovered that only the soap, lotion, sunblock and shaving gel works with my skin condition.
The soap has many variants – if you have extremely sensitive skin like I do, get the “no fragrance” added; it smells like freshly baked oatmeal cookies with milk – all natural

again, there are many variants – stick with the fragrance free version; the lavender one works for me too. This is the only lotion that keeps my skin moisturized all day – no white trail marks!

 One other bath product I’m loving right now is the shower gel/shampoo of Philosophy. They carry many variants but I love the faint floral scent of Amazing Grace . Plus, I love the color and the fact that it’s a multi-tasker – most Philosophy products are, like my make-up remover. I usually pack this when I go out of town and don’t want to risk using hotel soaps/shampoos. 🙂  

Of course, I also have some alternative products for my scalp and tresses. Again, I have to resort to all-natural products and this time, I found the perfect shampoo and dandruff treatment at Lush. The shampoo feels great – my hair is literally squeaky clean and I love how it works up a nice lather with just a bit of water.
From Left: dandruff treatment bar, shampoo bar
The dandruff bar also works. I don’t really have dandruff all the time; mine is stress-related as it only appears when I am catching a deadline or when I’ve been missing sleep. But in any case, this bar works wonders in keeping the flakes away. Just a warning though that it’s a bit oily – you should work it on your scalp and hair while it’s still dry, let it stay for a few minutes, then shampoo normally.Then you’re all set.
Having sensitive skin kind of puts a dent in my wallet though. 😦 How about you? What are your trusted skin care products? 
* Aveeno products are available at Rustan’s Supermarket, S&R, Shopwise, Market Market and specialty shops around the metro
* Lush has stores at High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Glorietta and SM MOA
* Philosophy (Amazing Grace) products are exclusively sold at Beauty Bar

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