I am an emotional eater – I eat when I’m on the extreme ends of the emotional spectrum or when I’m busy/stressed out. Last week was a terribly busy one and so I spent almost the entire week eating out.

Movie night feasting on chicken tandoori and dal (so good! I know a lot of people hate Indian food, but I love it):

Tuesday chilling with Mango Bravo and Chicken Pastel at Conti’s (again, another yum):

Hang out with different group of friends from my former employer.
With Lisetty at Funny Funny, the new resto that took over Chicken BBQ over at Jupiter Street. I don’t recall what this one is called but I didn’t really enjoy it much, other than it’s very spicy:

Ice cream cake at Caramia with my NEA friends:

Friday night hang-out with Leah and Tita Mitch at John and Yoko’s, splitting the chicken, mango chicken teriyaki pizza and spicy tuna salad:

My bingeing of course, continued to the weekend, meeting up with the usual suspects and heading off to the Midnight Mercato:

I loved the lasagna and potatoes!

Yes, they have lechon! We would have wanted to eat this, but hubby’s on a diet

Isaw! I don’t really eat these – it’s not healthy. 🙂

lots of sausages from all over

bite sized tacos!

Hungarian sausage with the works

I’m such a party pooper that I just got the sausage sandwich to be on the safe side, but I did took bites from hubby and my friends. 😛

Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the food but I didn’t really find anything of great interest. But it’s a good alternative to your usual dine out experience. We all agreed that Mercato is the “turo-turo” of the rich, without the fancy price tag. 

* The Mercato is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm to 3am.