The Little Big Man

I had a very bad headache since yesterday afternoon which continued until night time (heck, even now that I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep). This, combined with heart pains (the literal kind) and I was down for the day.

I was close to throwing up and my head feels like holes are being drilled into it but at the same time, I felt so much better and prouder – Joey sensed immediately that something was wrong with me and kissed me. And every five minutes, he would come into the room and say. “Mom, I’m going to kiss you so you’ll feel much better.”

After playing his favorite Disney game on my laptop, he went to the bed, hugged me and kissed me, telling me, “Mom, I’m going to take care of you.”
He got hungry a few minutes later and was crying because he couldn’t get the yogurt to open and I was out cold on the bed and couldn’t help him and his daddy refused to help him – in the end, I ended up dragging myself to get him the yogurt.

Such a far cry from the daddy who just shouted from the living room that he is not to be disturbed because he’s watching the RH debate. Not proud of that, but I’m proud of the little guy who’s turning out to be the best man I’ve ever met. 🙂

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