Daily Fashion: Robots

Joey and I have been watching Transformers all throughout the weekend – I swear, I must know the dialogue by now! And he’s so keen on watching the 3rd installment and playing with his transformers toys so I figured decided to join the bandwagon.
Nails in Liquid Velvet by Orly at California Nails
I got this ring from one of the stalls at Market Market for only Php100! It’s adjustable too, so it should fit you no matter what. πŸ™‚ I loooove the purple polish, btw. It’s called liquid velvet and I love that it really looks velvety – not so shiny and has that matte texture.

Make up hoard, rainy day edition

I’ve been reading a lot of raves about the latest cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca, to hit our stores, and after seeing the cute, girly packaging on its products and learning that it’s the younger sister of Shiseido, I just had to give in. I headed to the nearest SM and came home with this:
face powder, lash expander frame plus mascara, and cream liner

Β Β 

I’ve been wanting to get a face powder for the longest time. My current Paul and Joe powder is a bit shimmery so this one, a no-nonsense plain pressed powder, is a perfect addition to my arsenal. They only carry one shade, though, and it’s a bit on the fair side, so I am not too sure if it would work well with morenas.

The compact kind of reminds me of Sailormoon’s compact, which she uses in her transformation from Usagi Tsukino to Sailormoon:
Photo taken from google images
It figures that they are both Japanese. πŸ™‚
The mascara, I should say, would give Maybelline a run for its money – it’s almost the same price, and it makes my lashes really thick and long. And I appreciate the lash comb in the wand — you can use it to de-tangle/separate your lashes so they don’t get clumped.Β 
As for the cream liner, hmm, it takes some getting used to. I’ve been using my Smashbox gel liner using an eyeliner brush and I never really mastered the art of using the brush, although it’s angled to make application a breeze, so I was more than willing to try a pencil liner. But I’ve always been under the impression that pencil liners are too severe so I chose a cream-based pencil-type liner. However, I found that this one makes little clumps when it hits my bottom lashes. Plus, it smudges very easily and I end up getting racoon eyes a few hours after application.
I would recommend the powder and the mascara, especially since they come very cheap (all Majolica products are priced lower than Php1,000), and they are from a trusted cosmetics company (the leading Japanese cosmetics firm, by the way). And I don’t know how long the promo is, but they are giving away a clear tote when you purchase a total of Php2,000 in a single receipt.Β 
* Majolica available at SM make-up counters and Watson’s.

Happy Fathers Day!

Joey made a card for daddy at school and surprise daddy in bed! Yey!

I am not fond of celebrating events, not even my own birthday, but where the big daddy and the kid are concerned, I am all for it. Anyway, since it was raining and we got stuck at Megamall, we just went to Joey’s undisputed favorite resto – Mesa. They serve the best sinigang in town and trust Joey to distinguish it from the others. πŸ˜›

Happy Father’s Day daddy!

Lip Service

Time and again I’ve said that I have extremely sensitive skin, and that applies also to my lips. In fact, I trust only two products for my lips – Smashbox and Model Co, both available at the Beauty Bar. I’ve only started investing in make-up about a year and a half ago (when my former boss took up make-up classes and I got encouraged seeing her whip out her army of beauty products) but I’ve racked up quite a number and here are my favorites from these brands:
Lip gloss set – I love that this comes in small tubes so you don’t tire of one shade because you use it up before you can even think of changing tubes. Plus, it’s so much cheaper!
Got this from the duty free aboard Cebu Pacific for about Php2,000
My fail-safe product though is the O-Gloss, which you can read about here. It’s perfect for daily use, when you don’t want to think about what shade will go with what you’re wearing.Β 
Nude Lipstick – now, I am not too fond of lippies as I find them too thick for my taste but this was what got me hooked in the first place:
Photo FInish Lipstick in Magnificent, roughly about Php1,000
The photo finish lipstick comes in many shades of nude, varying in intensity to suit your skin tone. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t clump no matter how many retouches you make. Plus my lips never get dry (and believe me, I am prone to dry, chapped lips!) and the best part is, it smells like chocolate!
Red Lipstick/Liner – I think many make up artists prefer lip liners/colors for their precision and color. And color is what this 2 in 1 stick has – a deep, red cranberry. On one end is a liner and on the other is a lipstick so you can fill in the color inwards. It’s very red but in a good way. And again, I must comment Smashbox for the scent – this one smells like freshly shaved wood!
Double Take in Cranberry, Php1,050
Love how the red opens up my face and I don’t have to wear anything else!
Coral lipstick – this is very in season as I noticed a lot of shows and magazines feature this shade on their models so I guess I must be psychic in that I got this way in advance. Hah! I’ve gone to many counters to look for an orangey shade, and so far, this is the best coral lipstick I’ve found.
Satin Lip Couture in Coral, Php1,100
Another bonus is that it comes with its own mirror on the side so you don’t have to look for individual tools in your kikay kit when you do your retouch. Just a note though: this shade is more on the pink side than the orange side of the spectrum, so better test it if it suits your skintone.
PS: I use a MAC lip brush in applying my lipstick and to take care of that and my other make up brushes, I use this:
Brush Cleanser, Php 695
This cleanser is pretty straightforward – just spray it on a piece of tissue, roll your brushes on the tissue until all the make-up is removed and let dry. Another bonus: yep, you guessed it! This product also smells nice, like freshly squeezed coconut! I have rather sensitive nose (to stress my point: I take antihistamines on an almost daily basis because otherwise, I would be sneezing my way through the day) so I am very particular with the fragrance of the products I use.
I still have an uncompleted mission though: I am still on the look out for a creamy orange or cotton candy pink lipstick. Any suggestions? πŸ™‚

Potipot Island

I know it’s no longer summer but I can’t say bye yet without having one last hurrah so when I heard whispers of a beach trip to Zambales at the office, I readily volunteered myself.
The first batch off to Potipot in the distance
Unlike most of the island getaways in the country, Potipot is very close to the mainland. I even joked that if you’re a very strong swimmer, you can probably reach it on your own. It took less than five minutes to bridge the gap from our resort to the island, although you have to be very wary of the strong waves as our group had two camera casualties. My bag got drenched but it was good I wrapped my things in towels (and I suddenly remembered I had my LV wallet somewhere inside as well, darn).
Potipot is a private island, rumored to be owned by a retired general, and entrance fees are Php100 per head for a day trip and Php300 for overnight stay. There is a quaint little tree house on the island, which I believe is for the owner, but of course, this is off-limits.
I died with envy at the sight of this tree house. I want one!
There is no resort (it’s too small, just a couple of hectares, and you can wak around it in less than 30 minutes) but there wooden tables and benches free of charge and there are restrooms as well. If you’re planning on staying for the night, better bring your own tent and prepare to rough it up a bit. And while there is a grilling station, you have to bring your own supplies and food as there are no facilities on the island, which I found extremely charming as I have never been to a trip like this one. I usually prefer my creature comforts (translation: I’m lazy). πŸ™‚
Restrooms/shower stalls? I didn’t really enter

Make shift grilling place right under fruit-laden Sampaloc trees
Grilled hotdogs never tasted this good when you’re on a beach location!
liempo bathed in soy sauce mixture
I haven’t been to any of the islands off Zambales, so I can’t make compare it with Capones or Camera. But I must say that the sand on the island of Potipot is infinitely better than those in the Subic or Zambales shores, which are grainy and black. Potipot’s is fine, better than those in Batangas but falls very short of being comparative to Bora or Bohol. But it’s very pink like in Puka beach. And it’s not too crowded so that’s another plus point.
Clear waters and pink sand
Β The water is very clean and clear although there are stony portions where you have to be careful so as not to cut your feet. Those with sensitive skin should also come prepared as I experienced red spots on my arms and legs – I don’t know if it was due to the sand or the water but it was very itchy.Β 
Goofing around on the beach
I like the colors on this banca
Too bad we could only stay for a three hours since the boatmen warned us against staying too late – the waves would get too strong to travel on motorized bancas and we might get stranded.

Potipot is located off the town of Candelaria, Zambales and is just one town away from Pangasinan. Travel time from Makati is around five to six hours (took us more than seven but then we had several stops for breakfast and the wet market) so better start as early as you can; it’s more than three hours away from Subic. I think Victory Liner is the only bus company that goes to Candelaria and fare is around Php375 one-way but our group rented a van. Given the distance, the van guzzled 1.5x full tank of gas.Β 
As to where to stay, we checked in at the Dawal Beach Resort, for about Php2,000/night for an aircon room good for five, with its own cable TV, and of course, bathroom.
View from our balcony – that’s Potipot you see in the middle of the ocean
resort’s pool
The good thing with the resort is they let you bring your own food and they will cook it for you for a minimal fee. We figured this would be a good way to cut down on costs as we were a big group of 15 and our total cooking charges for dinner and breakfast came to just around Php1,000.Had we ordered ala carte, it would have set us back around Php150 per person per meal. πŸ˜›
Now, given that Potipot is quite very far, many people might get turned off going there. But I would still recommend trying it out – after all, there are over 7,000 islands in the country and a decent citizen should be to at least a couple of these. πŸ™‚

Food Trip Before the Big D (diet, that is)

My friend Anna and I agreed to start our diets together this July so I am making the most of my remaining two weeks to binge.Β 

Spiral buffet

I must admit, I am no fun at buffets since I can’t eat much in a short time, but I did enjoy the sushi and cheese spread. I can’t say I’ll be back though, I didn’t really find the food that spectacular and I would rather have ala carte from my favorite restosΒ  anytime.

My first plate – fresh tuna, salmon and oysters!

2nd plate – mushroom mutter, mixed vegetable palao (rice), lamb curry and some hakao

3rd plate – the sinful plate, loaded with peking duck and steak

4th plate -cheese and nuts! For those of you who don’t know, I love cheese!

5th plate – pizza and cold cuts; I didn’t really like this much
And the best part of any meal for me: DESSERT!

Plate # 1 – chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, fruits and mallows dipped in chocolate, fruit tart, and some mango baileys

Halo halo – seriously, what Pinoy buffet would not have this staple?
Jelly candies, gummy penguins and mallows! I almost melted with delight when I saw these.

Max’s Chicken all you can
Ok, last year, Ipe and I were so disappointed at having missed this promo, so this year, we kind of tried to make up for it. At only Php199 per person, you can have all the chicken you can eat plus a glass of your favorite drink (softdrinks or iced tea). We were playing wise and didn’t upgrade to bottomless drinks and ordered only one cup of rice. πŸ™‚
The score: Ipe – five chicken quarters. Me – three! Yey! So far, this is the only eat all you can that I must say I made the most of. But looking back, I can’t really eat that much chicken; it only sounds good at first but when you’ve stuffed so much down your throat, it starts to lose its appeal. πŸ˜›

Heaven and Eggs

I haven’t really frequented this place ever since it changed its theme; whereas it used to be all country with white picket fences, powder blue paint, and swings for dining areas, it’s gone a full 180 degrees — trying to go all rocker vibe with black and red the predominant colors and kinda reminding me of hell. All in all, the impression I got when I first got wind of the change was how trying hard it appeared to be. I mean, you can’t be serving eggs in a hellish-themed resto, it just doesn’t feel right.

And the sentiment remains. The food is still okay but hardly worth coming back for.
Adobo Flakes

Eggs Benedict, not the best I’ve tasted and that’s saying much, considering this is supposed to be an “egg” place

Dong Won Garden
Now, this last stop is probably the most enjoyable because 1) I wasn’t trying to make the most of my hard-earned peso as it was a birthday treat by Lisette, 2) I don’t have high expectations from Korean restos as I have not so good memories of Korean food from my visit to Seoul a couple of years back and 3) I had a good time catching up with my friends from the tax team.
Kimchi – lots of it. And there were three of us girls.
Beef stew – my favorite dish of the day; the meat was so tender and tasted salty and sweet at the same time, right down to the last fiber.
Chicken – I can’t remember if this was grilled but it was really, really good too!
Spicy shrimp. Now, based on the picture alone, you can guess how many bell peppers and chili went into this dish so it was a bit hot. I think the ratio of shrimp to bell peppers is 1:1 though. πŸ˜›
Fish! We went all simple on the last dish – just fried and served. Ha!
I think I am missing some other pictures from by week of binge-eating – because I was too busy eating to take pictures. Now, looking at the photos is enough to make me go hungry again.:D

A Joey Summer

Ok, so I know summer’s over but I’m glad that before it flew off, Joey was able to enjoy it.
First off – the beach. For three days! Too bad I wasn’t able to join the hubby and kid as I had to work and they left early Friday, so good ole yaya had to do the babysitting (and get her summer vacay as well; life is so not fair sometimes). My only contribution was getting him his pail and shovel and packing his bag. 😦
Joey’s new flip flops for the beach. Yay!

Joey builds sandcastles

Just look at Joey cramming the watermelon!
Now, hubby and I decided it’s time for the kiddo to go to school this year. We had him try out last summer and while he did very well, we felt it was rather too early to send a three-year old to school, and we waited another year. Anyway, Joey took the entrance exam last week and look how he did:
Joey’s first star from school!
Joey aced it! Not just passed but he got perfect scores! Now, my stage mom tendencies are manifesting itself. πŸ™‚ All those nights spent teaching him how to count, read and write is starting to pay off. Hopefully, I can free up enough time to teach him some more.
Doing well in school is something we want Joey to be serious about and seems like he’s off to a good start so we gave him his favorite reward:
Chickenjoy! He likes the skin, by the way. πŸ˜›
That very same night, we took Joey out with us on our weekly food trip (yaya was on day off) -> Midnight Mercato. There weren’t really many options for Joey to eat since they were all “grown up” food but he did love the mango shake and grilled hot dogs. So much he made a round two and tripped in his excitement to get there!
caught on cam: Joey looking giddy while waiting for his hotdog
It was quite nostalgic to see street food I haven’t seen since I was like, ten? Though I never ate more than a stick in my entire life of isaw. Just remembering what it is makes me want to throw up, not to mention that I’ve always associated it with hepa. Haha. πŸ™‚
Chicken isaw
I couldn’t leave empty handed so hubby and I shared this container of lechon – yes, they have lechon! It’s nowhere near as good as Elar’s but still, it’s just a stone throw away from our house so it will have to do. πŸ˜›
And now, I guess that closes off Summer 2011. Welcome the rainy season!