A Joey Summer

Ok, so I know summer’s over but I’m glad that before it flew off, Joey was able to enjoy it.
First off – the beach. For three days! Too bad I wasn’t able to join the hubby and kid as I had to work and they left early Friday, so good ole yaya had to do the babysitting (and get her summer vacay as well; life is so not fair sometimes). My only contribution was getting him his pail and shovel and packing his bag. 😦
Joey’s new flip flops for the beach. Yay!

Joey builds sandcastles

Just look at Joey cramming the watermelon!
Now, hubby and I decided it’s time for the kiddo to go to school this year. We had him try out last summer and while he did very well, we felt it was rather too early to send a three-year old to school, and we waited another year. Anyway, Joey took the entrance exam last week and look how he did:
Joey’s first star from school!
Joey aced it! Not just passed but he got perfect scores! Now, my stage mom tendencies are manifesting itself. 🙂 All those nights spent teaching him how to count, read and write is starting to pay off. Hopefully, I can free up enough time to teach him some more.
Doing well in school is something we want Joey to be serious about and seems like he’s off to a good start so we gave him his favorite reward:
Chickenjoy! He likes the skin, by the way. 😛
That very same night, we took Joey out with us on our weekly food trip (yaya was on day off) -> Midnight Mercato. There weren’t really many options for Joey to eat since they were all “grown up” food but he did love the mango shake and grilled hot dogs. So much he made a round two and tripped in his excitement to get there!
caught on cam: Joey looking giddy while waiting for his hotdog
It was quite nostalgic to see street food I haven’t seen since I was like, ten? Though I never ate more than a stick in my entire life of isaw. Just remembering what it is makes me want to throw up, not to mention that I’ve always associated it with hepa. Haha. 🙂
Chicken isaw
I couldn’t leave empty handed so hubby and I shared this container of lechon – yes, they have lechon! It’s nowhere near as good as Elar’s but still, it’s just a stone throw away from our house so it will have to do. 😛
And now, I guess that closes off Summer 2011. Welcome the rainy season!

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